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The experts don't always get it right do they!

Hi everyone, I've just returned from my weekly fit to breath class so I'm fully warmed up now but slightly knackered too. After the session we all sit around to chat and enjoy our well earned tea and biscuits, I enjoyed the company of a lovely 79 year old lady who told me of her consultants prognosis when she was 18 that she wouldn't live beyond 40 and she would not be able to have children. Well she seems to have proved him wrong by still being here at 79 and having children and grandchildren and has probably outlived him as well. :)

She has been living with pulmonary fibrosis caused by TB since the age of 18 and what really struck me was her determination to never give in.

That's one thing about being part of the heavy breathers club like ourselves we get to meet some wonderful people on our travels, people that we would never have met had we been fit and healthy.

Its not all bad living with lung disease is it healthunlockeders.


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No its not that bad Dall. The thing is I am absolutely convinced that a positive outlook is vital in trying to not just live with this disease but to give it as hard a time as possible at every opportunity. I know we can all have times when we are down and I also understand that depression is a very different beast but at least trying to enjoy each day and see the positives can make a huge difference to how we live.


To true MW-F, having that positive outlook make's a massive difference to how we cope. Living with these lung diseases is not only a physical battle but a mental one too.

Keep giving that dam disease a hard time Marie and I will do likewise.

Tony xx


No its not that bad - it could be so much worse! Got to keep positive and be grateful every day for all those little things and lovely people we meet. TAD xx


There's a lot of good people out there and your one of them TAD xx


Lets keep creaking on and on together eh' flibberti. Its amazing the stories that people have to tell. :)


She sounds as inspirational as you Tony. An uplifting post as usual. Most people these days just rush about and don't have time to wonder at the beautiful things on this Earth - at least those of us with lung diseases get the chance to do that! :-)


My illness has brought with it some unexpected bonuses, I have had the privilege of meeting lots of lovely people, some who have passed on now but their memory lives on don't it mapal.



What an inspirational story. It gives hope to all the IPF sufferers.


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