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when i go for my 6 monthly check up i can never manage a Spectrometry test i can breath out slowly but cant manage a fast exhale,

i am have asthma,Gerd and rhinitis ,post nasal drip and i'm diabetic.the doctors are reluctant to operate on me due to my breathing problems. all these problems as well as a lot more have come in the last 3 years.Ive not got copd and my lungs are clear.So whats my problem

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Sorry, I don't even know what a spectrometry test is! Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will be along soon.


Found it, but am no wiser -

Medical Definition of SPECTROMETER

1: an instrument used for measuring wavelengths of light spectra

2: any of various analytical instruments in which an emission (as of particles or radiation) is dispersed according to some property (as mass or energy) of the emission and the amount of dispersion is measured <nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer>

—spec·tro·met·ric adjective

—spec·trom·e·try noun, plural spec·trom·e·tries

Difficult to see how this would help with asthma?


that's what you get with Google spell checker


Spirometry maybe?


Don't think so as poster says he has not got COPD.


Think he means spirometry. Possibly has difficulty with words, does say he has breathing problems.


Hi johnny252,

I am asthmatic and have to breathe into a machine very fast to check my lung capacity...not a small plastic Peak Flow Meter but a proper machine which gives a printed read out.

I do find it difficult to do and a lot depends on the practioner in charge I have found, some are very helpful and put me at ease. It also depends how I am feeling at the time as well.

I usually do manage with a lot of encouragement.....many people on this site have had a spirometry test too....perhaps they can help


I am no expert but Asthma can stop the fast exhale as that is an obstructive condition. Restrictive would give a good exhale but that would be because there is no elasticity in the lungs. but then there is a not a lot else left to breath out. Can you breath out slowly for a good length of time?


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