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GP Thinks I Wont Cope With Transplant.? Mattcass

Hi all, My new company requested a medical report which I totally understand I have been upfront with them about my illnesses in fact we did discuss transplant and they thought it was great I could talk about it with ease, I did ask my GP secretary for me to see a copy before it was sent out and was a bit shocked to find out my GP telling them he thought I would have difficulty coping with a transplant when and If it happens, His prognosis is 90% spot on he goes on about how I struggled at the beginning when the RA affected my Lungs and the severe pain that goes with it, Then I refused the offer of stronger medication and then I started the long struggle back and through a lot of help and sheer determination got myself back to work and says this achievement was in his words, Amazing. Then to turn round and say I would have difficulty coping with the transplant was so disappointed , We spoke of this in a big way before me and Fran went to the big meeting in Edinburgh in June in fact Fran said she thought I was so upfront and confident with the transplant team I looked at the good and bad possible outcomes and they were impressed with my attitude, and even my own chest doc remarked that he knew that I was in the right frame of mind that day because I was so disappointed that the transplant was put on hold, I think I have never been in a more positive frame of mind or is it just me looking to much into this. And i am so confident that it will be put on hold again, Matt/Fran

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Hi Matt/Fran, So sorry to hear this news. You know its more than a good frame of mind that is required when medical professionals assess a patient for transplant, many other factors are involved. Do give BLF helpline a call who will be able to clarify things a little better for you. Although I am sure your doctor will explain also if you asked for clarification about this.

You have done remarkably well matt regardless, keep that positive frame of mind going it can only enhance your life and wellbeing.

Best wishes BC


How irritating and annoying. I can only agree with BlakeyC and advise you to ring the BLF helpline. It might be worth a call to your GP too. You are an inspiration Matt, please do not let this hiccup affect your positive attitude. You will conquer! Take good care, with love to you and Fran, TAD xx



I appreciate that your doctor's comments were disappointing. You could ask your GP to remove his comments about your ability to cope with a transplant before he sends the letter to your new company. Did the transplant team explain why your transplant was put on hold. The reason its on hold may be a completely different reason. I suggest you try to get hold of more information from the transplant team. There is nothing like hard facts to put you in a good frame of mind. Good luck Mandy.


Don't let the b....... Get you down! Keep that positive attitude going,you have been a hero you know.

I doubt that it will all be decided on one GPs report,but do ask him about it,for your own peace of mind.

The advice above is good,to ring the Blf hotline,

Keep smiling,thinking of you & Fran xxxx


I can only suggest you do what BlakeyC suggests. It's not just a case of whether you need a transplant its other little things like, turning up for your appointments, taking meds as prescribed etc and also any other health issues you might have. I am not saying this is why your GP wrote what he did but I know I have been told to expect that I will have to speak to social workers and psychologists as part of my assessment. The fact that you have shown strength and a positive attitude will help all form part of the assessment so I wouldn't let it get you too down.

Good luck



I would follow Mandy's advice and get more info from the transplant team. Is that a decision that has been made, someone's opinion, ..what? If there is a mistake there then you can correct it; if not, it seems to me there are more discussions and explanations due. x


Hi MC, I'm surprised that your GP would write such a thing seeing as you have proved yourself over and over again with your determination to stay as fit as possible and get back to work.

You may not realise it MC but you are inspiring others to do the same so keep up the good work.

Its odd how your GP is praising you on one hand and on the other he is being so negative. That's something you could do without as you have to remain positive while waiting for transplant, there can be no doubts when your going for the operation that your doing the right thing.

For now keep enjoying the odd Guinness MC and stay focused on what you and Fran want. Maybe you and your transplant team should have a chat with your GP about positive thinking eh'



Hi Tony how are doing yourself been breaking anymore records, I just broke one it normally takes me 5 minutes to drive to the doctors today it took me 2 minutes. Awe Naw He's Oot, Matt


Ha, you had better watch out for those we speed cameras MC, That new Porsche you must have just bought will get you into trouble one day. I had a record breaking attempt today as I felt pretty good but it all went pair shaped when my lungs decided the air that I was ramming down my wind pipe was way too cold so it seems that new records may have to wait until next spring now unless we get some freak warmer air during the winter.

Its time to get the exercise bike in the dinning room again and start looking out of the patio door at the road to nowhere for the winter training sessions.

The good thing is I'll be able to listen to plenty of good music while I suffer on those pedals which is my way of taking my mind off the board'um and the pain.

How come your doc was out, did somebody tip him off that Fran was coming too and he ran for the hills.

Keep well MC and Fran.



Hi Tony. My Husband went for his scan today so hope it won't be long before we hear about it. You were saying about the cold. I found the same for Mike my Husband. It really made him cough. I guess we won't be going too far until the spring either. He is quite happy to watch T/V. I will just keep myself busy as there is always something to do. Mavis.


Hi Matt

Disapointing to hear your doc expressing this opinion when the experts on the transplant team are saying your attitude is spot on and you are confident . As everyone else here is saying it will be good for you to get a reason from your doc , thats if he has stopped running for the hills !!!!!!

Stay positive MC I know you have sacrificed a lot to get back to work and are inspiring a lot of people on here with your amazing attitude myself included




Hi Matt. I can imagine your disappointment. My husband and I know what that is like. I would have a word with your Dr and the transplant team as you sound as if you have not only built yourself up but your health as well.


Hello Matt I feel that was unnecessary to have been said without you seeing it first .Im hoping your doc was having an awful day and forgot himself when dictating the letter.I would defo be challenging his comments and speaking to the transplant team,by doing this it also shows your strength of character letting everyone know how you are so up for this transplant and mentally ready for the many hurdles you might need to leap over eh?You and Tony are two very strong men you can do this dont be put off never give up fighting matt/Fran,we are all gunning for you. :) Janexx


Speak to the transplant team and ask them what they think? They are the ones that are doing it and you have the right attitude to succeed.

I hope all goes well for you.




Everyone struggles with a lung transplant. Some physically some mentally and some both. It's very tough but your GP is only saying what he believes. I expect if you speak to him about it he will say that everyone will struggle. I had my transplant a year ago, it was tough and I struggled to cope. The first three months were pure hell. Now it's brilliant and I am a new man. Best of luck to you, and don't get too hung up on doctors opinions, because that is all they are!


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