Daily LaughterThursday

Daily Laughter Thursday


I am sorry to report that there has been an unofficial walk out and strike at the office of the daily laughter..

This is due to the heart, lungs and chest refusing to work together and they have walked out

In other words the chest infection has gotten worse. I am going back to docs today after 2 weeks antibiotics and still cannot breath and feel crap.

Sorry to let all of my friends down. See you all on Monday

Berwick xxx

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  • Take good care of yourself Berwick. xxx

  • Thank you Suzy, I have not felt as bad for a long time, my breathing is like a very bad asthma attack even on oxygen it does not help. I will see what the doc says today. Hugs Berwick xx

  • Take care. Hope you start to feel bettet soon x

  • Thanks chell. Hugs Berwick xx

  • All the best, get well soon x

  • I am trying peeg, Thank you

  • take care get well soon I know how u feel apart from last week and this week still feel crap but cannot be bother to go to doctors I been on antibiotics for weeks so I feel so down today sick of both legs and arms in pain but doctor does not know why sometimes make me sick that I am on medication for life but because I am only on sick still have to pay got a ppp at £120 a year it should be free even got to go to a medical board to see how fit I am if not sick a enough they want u back at work this will be the second time life crap just having a bad day so sorry xx Ann

  • Ann I have sent a PM , Berwick xx

  • So sorry Berwick, hope that you will soon be feeling better soon. Heck, when this condition takes hold it has a knock on affect to your whole being. Do take care. xxx

  • OMG your not kidding mustcarryon, I am struggling at the moment . Hugs Berwick xx

  • Take care old Chum, wrong time of year to start chest problems.

  • Wrong time of the year you are quite correct. I am on long term antibiotics and went through all of last winter with no infections. It's going to be a long winter I am afraid. Thanks for your kind wishes. Berwick

  • I hope the doctor can give you something that makes eases the pain and helps with your breathing Berwick. It's hard to crack jokes when your not well, so rest up, and come back with a vegance when you feel better :)

  • Ah Letys it is nice for someone to put a laugh on my face thank you. I just don't like letting my family on BLF down, but as you have said it's hard to crack jokes when your not well. As the man said I will be back, normal service will resume as soon as possible. Huge Berwick xx

  • Hi Berwick , You look after yourself that's the priority, I'm sure we are old and ugly enough to look after ourselves. OOps, Matt

  • Thanks Matt, know doubt KOTC will keep you all amused why did I think of KOTC it must have been the old and ugly. Cheers Berwick xxx

  • Berwick, I'm so glad you said it,Matt

  • He.he. he. Berwick

  • From BrendaEileen I don't laugh much except when my husband falls down the stairs, or does something silly.Which is much of the time. Like Margo in the Goodlife I cannot really understand jokes, but I do love the TV soaps. But Peter my husband and I will laugh this Thursday for us all , it is better than crying. Do hope you get better , feel better soon.

    I am struggling with my persistent cough. Measuring my capacity with the peak flow meter, and getting up to 320.

    Have to go back to the Doctor on the 20th and report progress with the various medication. It does not seem anything serious it is just a nuisance.

  • Thanks Brendaeileen, we all have to laugh no matter how we feel. If I blew 320 I would think I was superman. You take care your self and Thanks. Berwick xx

  • Hi Berwick, shall miss your Daily Laughter, but your priority is getting better and I hope that will be very soon.

    Take care, hope the doctor can help.

    polly xx

  • Thank you Polly, I do hope so. Berwick xxx

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care. I'm sure you'll have us laughing soonx

  • thank you Ohtwo. Berwickx

  • Berwick

    So sorry to hear that you are not well. Here's hoping that the doctor can sort you out with a second set of antibiotics. We all appreciate your daily laughter but the priority at the moment is to get yourself well. Kind Regards Mandy.

  • Thanks Mandy, I will keep you all posted. Graeme AKA Berwick xxx

  • I am so sorry to hear you are not well Berwick. Look after yourself and get well soon. xx

  • Thanks Toci, I will be back soon Berwick xxx

  • Oh Berwick so sorry you are not well. We will miss your page. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you Mavary , waiting to go to the docs. Feeling like a dog RUFF. Take care Back soon. Berwick xx

  • I see you still have your sense of humour. Take care.

  • Sorry you are feeling ill, we all know and understand so just do the one thing that we all have to do under the circumstances . . . . . . take care and take it easy.

  • Thank you Berwick

  • Hope you are feeling better soon Berwick

  • Goodness Berwick,you are having a rough time.You just look after yourself my friend,& don't worry about anything else,you are the number one,at this time!

    Do hope there are some new meds you can try,keep yourself warm,( as I am turning on the aircon here,as it's so warm! )

    Will try &send some sunshine your way!

    Love & hugs xxxx

  • Thanks Wendells, Just came back, managed to stay out of hospital for a few days, doc has put me on steroids and a different lot of antibiotics. If not worked by Monday................hospital. Sunny here today thanks for the sunshine . He he he. Berwick xx

  • hope you feel well soon. thanks for welcome to the site, tourist

  • Thanks for the wishes tourist , gratefully received. Berwick

  • Fingers crossed that the new meds work for you, you are not letting any one down, just rest and give the meds chance to work, with love Heather X

  • Thank you heather. Berwick xx

  • So sorry you are not feeling well Berwick, we'll miss your jokes but rest up and hopefully your chuckle muscle will soon recover. :-)

  • Thank you chuckle. Muscle is on overtime all weekend helping me to breath. Berwick

  • All the best to you berwick

  • Thank you KOTC. BERWICK

  • Oh Berwick, I hope you receive the needed treatment from your doctor. will you take a sputum test to determine the bug you have? will you go to your consultant? You might need to go into hospital for an intravenous. I hope and pray that you will get better soon. Love from here on this site.

  • Thank you all has been done, we are waiting to see how and when the new medication takes effect. Berwick

  • Berwick, I shall miss you until Monday but I'll try to be brave. Hope you get well soon. :-) :-) :-) Alison

  • Hope you get better soon xx

  • Hope get better soon. Look after yourself.

    And thanks for the welcome to the site.

  • hope you get well soon

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