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Trotting through the dusk on that deserted country lane,

a sight I'd never seen before - nor never will again,

as if by magic there suddenly appeared

a host of hairy goats, unusual and weird.

The big orange leader inspected his troops,

made them form lines, sorted them in groups,

marched up and down like a sergeant at roll-call

I'd swear on my life he inspected them all.

A fat multi-coloured chap with horns that curled round.

A scrawny old bill with a beard down to the ground.

A milk laden nanny, two kids close behind

bickering and snickering (they had an axe to grind).

Elegant twins with hooves painted pink

and roses twined around their ears (at least that's what I think).

They came in their fives and they came in their tens,

they stretched so far along the road, I couldn't see the end.

So where were they headed, this brightly coloured throng?

Straight past me and towards the pub that I'd just staggered from.

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I like that, poemsgalore. I haven't had a lot to do with goats apart from knowing goats milk is good for you, xx


ditto Brilliant :)


Love that poemsgalore, xxx


You keep out of that pub, you'll be seeing flying pigs next !



Don't know about flying pigs King, but there's plenty of flying rats round where I live ;-)


Loved it,how clever,my imagination worked over time! xx


Nice one poemsgalore.


I really enjoyed that poemsgalore thanks for sharing.How are you at the mo you seem to have so much going on for you?You did bring a smile to my face about your latest docs visit bless him,you do have to have broad shoulders and a good sense of humour these days to get through the quagmire of living smiling makes such a difference to how people respond to you I find.See yer soon. :) Janexx


Hi Longlungs. At the moment, my lungs are behaving although I've started to cough a lot again. Sputum nice and white, or at worst pale lemon. RA isn't too bad either surprisingly!! On 10th December I have my first annual mammogram after treatment - one year after my surgery which was on 12th December 2012. That's a bit scary, but I'm sure I'll get through it. Thank you for asking. xxx


Hi poemsgalore have you been having chemo since your surgery? Of course its scary you wouldnt be normal if you didnt feel like that.I have a friend that is 6mths into her chemo and has just been told that the cancer is shrinking nicely :) like you she also has a multitude of health issues,she is the bravest person I know and so upbeat about everything bless her she texd last night tosay they thing ive got a clot on my lung!! was confirmed today so now she has to inject some meds every day to get rid of the damn thing she so calm and matterer fact about it.Damn disease init ,your a strong woman poemsgalore you will get through this anytime you wanna share go for it . heres looking to the future and good news .:) Janexx


Thanks longlungs. I started chemo on Feb 5th, and had the last one on May 23rd. For breast cancer it is usual to have 6 treatments, one treatment every 3 weeks (if your white cells have gone back to normal) some people have to delay for a week or two as neutropenia is a big problem for them. I consider myself cancer free at the moment, but have to live with the worry of a recurrence, or possibly a new primary in remaining breast. I only have one now, as I had mastectomy and a reconstruction takes 5 hours. Nobody wanted me to be under the anaesthetic for that long.

Glad to hear that your friends cancer is shrinking nicely. It's a tough treatment, but worth it in the end. xx


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