There's a spider in my lung : Not for those of a weak constitution

There's a spider in my lung : Not for those of a weak constitution

Well yep it's amazing what you can see in coughed up lung tissue.

I was looking and it looked like a spider 'like how that get down there' but yep its not a spider

Luckily a like spiders

But seriously we are talking about TEM micrograph or are we talking about a mature dendritic cell helping me fight of cancers , vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) , mesothelioma, etc.

Yep things are are progressing its good job a take B12 as me lung spider has job on is hands.

But clinically speaking there is hope as there is lots of new developments with immunotherapy and metaphorically speaking lung spiders.

Only issue is as thay can make iron in asbestos fibres inhert with radio therapy is that going to kill the mature dendritic cell's .... which would be a problem well unless thay go rouge.

But today i found out black round little bits in my picture could be from smoking and or pollution.... and that is old age chronic lung disease which on scale of things is nothing to worry about by all accounts till ya 75 plus

As for the spider yep it could go rouge cause massive fibroses and be of concern

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  • Yes Daz it certainly looks like a spider, you do know what you are talking about that must help a great deal with your condition.

    It was on the news they found a Taranchula in a box of bananas last week.

  • Hi cheers ye seen that :)

  • Hi dazisnotsogood so not ants in yer pants! but spiders in yer lungs bloody nora !! Good to hear that there is hope eh sherlock :) Janexx

  • Hi a least the looking for cures and that as to be a good thing .. Thay might have to expedite the finger its not like i have for ever :)

    Yep would be nice but you can get a over reaction depending on cause.

    Most its inflammation over a patracted period i.e influenza vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) i.e glyco protein etc

    At the extreme end there is fibroblast and destruction of lung tissue .

    Sorry for going on half this comment am using as foot note for myself.

    But yep cheers thanks for comment :)

  • Its does look like a spider daz, but those spiders eat lots of other bugs ;)

    Keep on keeping on Daz and stay as well as you can.

    Best wishes BC

  • Cheers hi bc

    Yep i would agree but as long as eating glycoprotian am sure that might be a good thing

  • As a new person to this site, I find this post very frightening.

    I can't believe that someone would put a picture like this on the site, can only see that it would worry people.

  • Information might frighten some people and some find it empowering

    As humans that is what sperates us from animals and why we have medicines smart phones etc

    No one as to look its your own chose to look at my post.

    My post are of my illness a dairy hosted on blf site.

    Information is so convoluted when looking for cause of my disease my post will be a start to finish

    Am a bit shocked at your comment as these post pictures will form my legacy anyone can use blf as good search results as people find what thay are looking for.

    With that in mind those in medical profession look at our post and any discussion are a good thing

  • Hi cheers thanks :)

  • Daz please disregard any negative comments on your post.

  • Riverbank as a new person, you may want to avoid dazisnotsogood posts in the future as you find them upsetting. Often Daz will include pictures relating to his personal experiences of his lung condition. Some of us are interested in these. But many of us wish to support Daz in his illness regardless.

    I hope you will find other posts more of interest to you.

    Best wishes BC

  • That's a bit terse, members should not have to avoid a post because of explicit content, I know i'm new here, but am a member of other health forums and this sort of post has a tag to let members know that it could be upsetting.

  • I agree with you Riverbank. What is the point?

  • Maybe we should all take photos of what we bring up and post them. We could compare colour and texture for instance, how much we can bring up in one go, discuss whether it was brought up naturally or with the help of equipment? Who's going to be first? Frankly, it's disgusting. AMB

  • Personally I would be embarrassed to post such pictures, the site of my own phlegm in the mornings is enough to make me physically sick, let alone someone else's, I support yours' and Riverbanks post completely, if Daz wants to post this kind of so called information, then may be there should be a warning from HU to let all users know that there is explicit content on the forum !!!!!!

  • He put the warning on later peeg. It wasn't on originally. If it had been I would never have gone in.

  • Same here

  • To me seeing pictures of lung tissue is gross! I support Daz in his illness just like I support everyone genuine here but there are limits! I think it might frighten newbies away which is my main concern.

  • Have to agree with you Hypercat, but I think Gross is a bit of an understatement. It's more Like "Horrific"

  • Well yes. I am very squeamish so don't like that sort of thing. Some of us are.

    Bev x

  • I'm afraid I am with you here Bev it is not something I expected to see when I clicked on this post. I am fairly new here and will make a point of not doing so again. I don't understand the other caustic posts supporting this but I have noticed the same persons have made caustic remarks about other posts so maybe that is the way they communicate. I am enjoying this site and I can only say thankyou for the support I have been given and God Bless you all.

  • Hi sliversurfer thanks for your comment but when you clicked on my post after reading tittle after all it is a lung chat fourm obvs if you dont like post feel free not to comment if its not your cup of tea but telling others what thay can see or read is above and beyond .. My post comply with BLF terms conditions fourm rules

  • precisely daz

  • A dont post pictures for fun .. I post a description with usfull links ... Lung spiders are part of life and if we did not have them we would not have one

    Blf site is about everyone and not just those on here and yes might not be to everones taste ... But nor are other post by others but at least a dont advocate censorship

  • Agree stich yes there are good'ens gone .. But its down to your personality an am not going anyware well not yet :)

    Cheers thanks

  • I agree re censorship, daz. I prefer stuff upfront, including your lung spider which at one level is horrific (I mean that in relation to you experiencing it), but on another its information and its good that you share so much with us. Im so sorry you are having such a difficult time. Im glad you let us know and get support here xx

  • Cheers O2trees

  • That's perfect Daz! Sadie xxx

  • Hi yep fitting one thinks

    Cheers :)

  • Lol, good title Daz ;)

    Love the pic ;)

  • Cheers BC :)

  • Hi Daz. There are lots of people, including me, who have always supported you. I do sincerely wish you well but I do not like the pictures of lungs because I am squeamish. Having been driven away myself in the past, along with others, you know who does the driving away don't you? You have a good memory just like me! :d

    Bev x

  • Hi hypercat i take exception to anything to do with telling others what to do or read or view .. If you dont like a post your free not to comment if its not to your taste

  • Shouldn't all those in "shock, horror" not be out until the weekend? It looks as though Daz must be next because the rest of us can't be bothered playing games anymore. Daz gave the warning in his heading that it was not for those with a weak constitution ergo if you think you might not like something, don't read it.

  • Daz only put the warning on about 30 mins ago CarrieMe. How are you? Not seen you on here for ages? Not one of these horrible bugs going around I hope? xx

  • Oh I'm very well thank you.

  • Well I, for one, have learned a lot from posts written by Daz and I hope I will continue to do so. If anyone finds it is not suitable I would suggest they should report it, or perhaps PM Daz, rather than begin an argument here. Let's keep it civil, people. x

  • thanks Toci, voice of reason. Same here, very glad to share Daz's enlightening story xxx P

  • Thanks and Agreed toci .. But yep am principled guy thus my post a will not delete even if PM

    As when i was looking for information blf was best site .. Thus there will be others who are in my position and want strait answers just like you have looked for.

    Anything i have looked up as been very convoluted and lacking on information ..

    I could of gone about uk gps and uk as worse cancer rates and how gps lung docs dont follow NICE guidlines when it comes to lung diease or copd .

    Am just glad my new GP is .. Like becouse am talking about cancer dont people like that

    Most people look on internet b4 going doctors or gp so why should i censor my post or lie to people when i never liked it.

    Sorry for going on Toci thanks and cheers for your surport :)

  • well said Daz.

    Yes your picture is a bit gross and a bit scarey but it's real and I'm thankful to you for sharing your knowledge & experience. Keep posting and sharing xxx

  • Hi peeg cheers thanks :)

  • You are not 'going on'. The BLF site was a Godsend to me, as it has been for many, and I believe the more factual information it contains the better. x

  • I would agree ... But would ad hole point is to share storys advice so those new dont have to suffer lack of information .

    My pics are very basic and easy to understand and very rare exaples of mechanics of chronic lung diease

    It might be not nice to look at but by al accounts the brown red couler is healthy lung tissue .

    So why is it on a microscope slide .. That i can not explane ... Might have somthing to do with waight of debris or scar tissue as i have previously talked about

    Anyway toci cheers and yep totaly agree with u there :)

  • knowledge is something we all need to help us since coming on this site I have learnt all manor of stuff and I have to say coping with COPD had been made easy thanks Daz keep posting, x

  • I find your posts Daz,very interesting, X

  • Cheers thanks

  • dazisnotsogood

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