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could i just ask i know i have read on here people have trouble sleeping there are times ewhen i am so tired and just want to slee[p desperetly but as soon as i get into bed im just wide awake i sit in chair most of the nite and then go bk to bed bout 5 sleep most of the day driving me bonkers any help would be greatfully appreciated getting very grumpy lol

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BCG - how I sympathise with you. Let me think. First thing is try and relax yourself. There are numerous CDs to get on Amazon, relaxation, meditation etc. What can work is camomile and honey tea.(Just a wee tot of whiskey - if you are so inclined) A lavender pillow. Natural remedies like Quiet Night (?) from Holland and Barrett/Boots. Study your bedding, nothing too restrictive. A well ventilated room without being cold.

Let us know how you get on - Love annie x

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Hi :) well I have this problem when I have took steorids, and after it. Sometimes I know when i start working, this mean i need to get up at 5am, and didn't had much sleep the night only 2 or 3 hours, more rest then sleep, and then i am so tired at 10 am at work, hart to stay awake. I have this problem after i took steorids after a week i am able to sleep. How long do you have this problem? I am so quite aktive and always sleepy :) are you do exercise,a bit? I suffer too from copd since 2007, but still try to keep me fit, i like swimming, i can take my time without to getting to much out of breath. Also horse ridding, well not much for me:) more for the horse. But it feels good to do something not to be cut off from doing anything. Also like to paint when the weather is not good to do something. Try something to put your mind and body to use :)

Take care hope i could help a little xox

I have a dog so plenty of excercise,,even if i walk slow,,but i take Amitripyline 2 about 8.30.they help stop small pains and knock me out,,,explain to your doctor that its wearing you out,,,i,m sure he will recomend something,,we,ve all been in your situation at some stage,,that why my doc gave me these,,,

Sometimes I wonder if we sleep less just because we are less active and so are using less energy.

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I hope you don't mind a bit of humour, but when I read this it reminded me of a post I put on my Facebook Sleep Apnoea Page yesterday but joking apart, I really empathise with you.

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Hi Some of the medication do have that effect I try to take the sleepier ones at night and the wide awake ones in the morning. A glass of milk helps before going to bed. I agree with Toci not getting enough exercise dosnt help but that can be difficult. If all else fails may be the doc can give you some sleeping pills for a few days. my doc has when I have had enough just to get the sleeping pattern back. Good luck

if you are not on antidepressants ask youre doctor for ammitryptiline usually 150 mg at night you will be asleep after about an hour of taking them as they have a sedative affect to them.they are also good musco skellitle pain.they stop the pain in my neck from arthritus

I have zopiclone for the times I have not had a good nights sleep for many days I do not like to take them as I wake up as if I have been sucking on my loose change at night and they can be addictive. I have at least 2 times a night were I wake gasping for breath. My wife has mentioned that I have woken her but I am still asleep and gasping. I have never been one that has needed a lot of sleep 6 hours and I am fine, I rarely go for more than 3 hours before I am awake but still graving sleep. I am on water tablets as my doctor thinks this will help but so far made no difference and my chest feels like I have been coughing all of the time and is a little sore now. I did buy a memory foam topper that was great until I changed the sheets?

Maybe I have misunderstood but are you saying you awaken gasping for breath? If so, have been tested for sleep apnoea?

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I have mentioned this to my doctor for sometime now but they seem to think everything is linked to my heart (AF problems) the fact I had repository Failure in 2008 and my O2 dropping when flat

(found when in hospital for EP) I had a spiro recently and he told me I have RLD due to fibrosis and Empyema and the water tablets are the answer but after 2 weeks nothing has changed. except I am popping to the loo more and my chest is sore. I will be having a pace and Ablate next year which going to make me pacemaker dependent and off some of my medication. But they will not accept that my tablets are giving me a NSR so my breathing problems are breathing problems!

Maybe you need to dig your heels in? If you explain that wanting a test for sleep apnoea is causing you untold stress, which is bad for the heart, perhaps you will get somewhere! x

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At the moment it seems like I am just saying blah blah blah to them!

offcut when i read your bit its as if im writing more or less snap af heart faiulure ect ect

do you have reflux, arthritis to add to your ills as well?

a f osteoporosis c o p d astma ibs off cut are u on warfarin for your afib

Hi Becraftygirlgirl. They recommend you go to bed later but at the same time each night. Then get up at the same time in the morning. I go to bed at 12.30am and get up at 8.30am. It doesn't always work but Hey! Give it a try. Some times I can be awake at 3.00am or 4.00am. Then I am shattered all day. I won't go to bed until my usual time and I get a really good night then. Another tip is try not to sleep in the day. Hope that helps.

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