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Hi all,anyone on here suffer from itchy throat and wind pipe irritation ?I'm guessing allergy related to asthma ? Hope your all well today

I was diagnosed with asthma and minor emphysema which my consultant said is so minor it's not worth worrying about, but recently I have been getting irritation of throat and wind pipe from almost anything I inhale ie diesel fumes to perfumes even stuff I have eaten it's becoming a daily problem :( I can't get my head round it. If I breath in deep it makes me cough too any advice would be much appreciated..

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No sure if I can advise, I have emphysema. Perfumes, aerosols, strong cleaning agents I don't use at all any more. I think you are describing an added sensitivity which you may want to speak with your doctor about. I use unleaded in my car which doesn't seem to be a problem when I am filling up. Generally I don't inhale deeply any strong perfume or chemicals but if I did I am sure I would cough.

I am also wandering if you are using your inhalers regularly as prescribed. Sometimes missing a dose can cause airways to narrow and if airways are narrowed there is more of a tendency to cough, I usually use ventolin if my airways narrow through the day if an extra bronc dilater is required.

Hope this settles down for you soon. Check in with your doctor if this continues.

Best wishes BC

Hi bc thanks for replying I also have stopped all cleaning products as they start this sensation straight away! and it only takes a woman to just walk past me with perfume on and I get the symptoms start straight away, it's driving me nuts my throat tightens and I get wheezy, I spoke to my gp and he just prescribed anti histamines which do nothing, today I had a bag of crisps which with one mouthful I started the whole processes again :( I take my ventolin and still nothing changes, I take my brown inhaler every morning and evening as prescribed. I don't know what to do as it feels like it's getting worse everyday.

As its getting worse everyday, I would be thinking about asking your GP for a referral to the ENT specialist.

I really hope you can get some help with this. Maybe ask your respiratory nurse or the pharmacist to check your technique with the ventolin just to be sure the med is getting to where it needs to be. Sometimes using a spacer / aerochamber with the ventolin can help get it deeper into the lungs but they are not very good to carry around when out and about.

Thanks BC I have been given an appointment for ent end of the month so I will let you know how I get on, I'm hoping they can shed some light on it I've always suffered with my nose and sinuses so maybe there's a connection. it's more irritating than debilitating just gets me down more than anything, thanks for your good advice a well wishes :) have a good evening.

Hello ,You are the first to mention throat irritation,mine burns,even gum are painful. When i first mentioned, it was given angina sprays, Dr seemed surprised when i said it had'nt worked. This was four yrs ago.I do attend endocronology clinic for enlarged goitre and suppressed thyroid plus i have emphysema. and use three sprays,chest nurse looks at me in disbelief when i mention food allegy,i now have little dairy and gluten and it is a little better. Any ideas out there,also i get a lot of oral thrush,is it connected?.is getting a lot worse. Thanks

Try CORSODYL works for me when I get a sore mouth, it's a mouthwash the nurse told me to use

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Hi ambridge the oral thrush could be inhalers you are using but I'm pretty sure the sensitivity has to be allergy related, mine has just come out of no where, I've always suffered with hay fever but this is much different. any kind of smoke or strong smells just irritate me straight away I only have to walk past and that's it I'm done for! I will keep you posted on how I get on at ent.


Thanks chopsticks,will get some. Good luck Egomatt,do keep me informed,perhaps i shall at last get some idea of how to deal with the problem

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