May I Introduce Emma, Marks Bride To Be, Mattcass

May I Introduce Emma, Marks Bride To Be, Mattcass

Hi all, Why i have not done this before i can only apologize to Emma, She is to Mark what Fran is to me. Mark and Emma are getting married on June 15th 2014 they have known each other 7/8 years, Emma picks me up from work when Mark cant make it for some reason or another she is constantly on the phone or Facebook checking up on me, and as a special thank you me and Fran have booked a three week honeymoon in the Bahia Principe Tenerife we have all been there twice before and we love the place, in fact if we can get a flight me and Fran might be there next week we certainly need the break.Matt/Fran

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  • Lovely Matt, congratulations to them, seems you are gaining a fantastic daughter in law. Sadie xx

  • Hi Sadie, Thank You she is a Lovely Girl.Matt

  • Hope you can make it next week


  • Hi KOTC, Fran thinks we should wait till we see the Rheumy and the transplant team On Dec 12th. Matt

  • The wife is always right!!!!!!

  • Lovely Matt. You are all very lucky to have each other. I wish them every happiness.

  • Hi Suzy Thank You Emma's family are lovely people they treat Mark as one of their own. Matt

  • How wonderful to be having a daughter in law,that has been so caring to you,makes it extra special.They look a lovely couple.

    Funny your post came up only now,although it states 20 hours ago?? Well I guess it had a long way to travel,lol!

    What a lovely gesture of yours & Frans,re: honeymoon.

    You sound as though you need a break,hope it works out for you,in such a lovely place too!

    Wish you all excitings moments ahead,bless you all. xxx

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