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Symbicort to Seretide

Appointment with GP this morning as my breathing is worse than when I was diagnosed in July. Switched me from Symbicort 200/6 to Seretide 250. She said I should not be displaying these symptoms at this early stage - FEV1 73%. Had 2 chest x rays which are clear. Blood tests clear. No sign of chest infection. Still awaiting appointment with Consultant which she is going to chase up. I guess I will have CT scan. I go to PR class now.

My breathing is like - when I walk from one side of room to other, I am gasping.

I have been off work since July and handing in sick certs. First time in all my 40+ years of working I have ever put in sick certs. Wonder how long GP will give me them for and should I just call it a day and quit the job that I have been in for many many years? How would that leave me benefit wise?

I thought I was doing good taking my assortment of different Vitamins i.e. Multi vitamin, NAC, Vit D3 5000iu but she said not to take the Vit D3 as can cause more harm than good. I seem to be taking 3 steps forward and 6 back.

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This is a strange disease and affects everyone differently. I would advise you ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise. They just may have some little bit of knowledge that throws light on your situation. I am so sorry to hear you are gasping, it is an awful situation. Fingers crossed the scan and consultant appt come through quickly. I am sorry that I cant help you anymore. Take good care, TAD xx

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hi, my gp took me off Seretide 250, to go on Seretide 500, it does seem better, well worth trying Twinks


Hi Twinks, am shocked that a doctor would tell you that Vit d3 does more harm than good, I have never heard this before. Did the doctor mean as a prescribed medication or one you are just buying yourself? Sadie xx


Hi Twinks, If you have de-conditioned since being off sick, you will get out of breathe as you are describing, the pulmonary rehabilitation will help you get back on track and from there just keep the regular exercise going. With damaged lungs we de-condition very quickly if we don't exercise and breathing becomes more difficult.

I was diagnosed vitamin D deficient but my doctor said then that 1000 iu was a safe dose and I found in 3 months my levels were back up to just above normal. Its the vitamin D3 we need if deficient. I continue to take 1000iu through the winter months but during summer or from May to October I try and get sun exposure 20-30 mins a day without any cream on the skin, minimum uncovered natural skin (without any cream or oil) should be forearms and face, of course the more exposed the better (but don't get arrested ;) ).

Did you doc say anything about the NAC?

Hope you will be feeling much better real soon.

Best wishes BC


Hi Twinks,just to let you know my breathing got worse for quite a while.A couple of times I asked if the Symbicort might have stopped working (because that's what it felt like) & he said no. A few moths down the line I asked the same of the respiratory nurse and she said it's possible, lets try something else & put me on Seretide. It made a big difference. Now I have Seretide 250 most of the time but can go down to125 when I'm really well.

Mind you, I recently found out that I'd been taking the Seretide with spacer wrongly for 3 whole years! The PR resriratory nurse put me right.

I wouldn't be giving up my D3 whatever any one says.

Hope the Seretide helps with your breathing very soon. peeg


Don't give up your job go on long term sick if necessary you may be left short of money also if your on sick u still get ur national ins contributions and this could affect your pension later down the line hope ur soon feeling better


whats the difference between seretide 250 and seretide 500 i am on seretide 500 x2 ?


One dose of Seretide provides 50 micrograms of salmeterol (a long acting bronchodilator) and either 250 or 500 micrograms of fluticasone (a corticosteroid).


Hi Twinks

My Consultant took me off Seretide 250 for another Corticosteroid which did not suit me. The nurse said to go back on Seretide 250 but it took about 3 weeks to"kick in".


thanks still truckin now i understand marian x


I ran out of Symbicort and went to my chemist who receive my repeat prescription straight from the surgery every month to see if I could get an emergency one until they got the script. they wanted £65 which they could not guarantee to refund for one inhaler!!! this was 5 years ago now do you think that cost may have somthing to do with it or are they trying to reduce the steroid dose.


I take a daily Vit D3 so will tell the nurse when I go for my spirometry test today. Always thought vitamins were good for us but will have to look at the effect on lungs.


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