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Just been diagnosed with mild to moderate COPD


Having been diagnosed with this condition I am finding it difficult to get information about what the future may hold, or not, as the case may be. I gave up smoking about 14 months ago, am 61 years old and keep reasonably fit with my 3 X pairs of dumbbell weights

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Click on the red balloon BLF, talk to them they will have all the answers. Good luck.

I must be missing something very obvious ? I thought that this was the forum for COPD ?

Please help ! And there is more than one BLF red balloon.

Hi welcome to our forum. I,like you, felt scared and bewildered when I was first diagnosed in April ( Bronchiectasis not COPD) but I rang the help line (03000 030 555) and they sent me out a pack with loads of leaflets in it . Lots of information to read. I also looked back on some past posts on this forum and got some personal thoughts from fellow sufferers.

Try not to worry too much it is not a death sentence. I am sure all the wonderful kind people on this forum with COPD will be along soon to give you a bit more information and more importantly some loving support. Big hugs to you (they help too) :)

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Thank you, I have just used the above number and am awaiting their information pack.

Thank you again.


Hello and Welcome! I care for my husband who has severe COPD and lung function of 25% having said that he still works full time, we still have a great life just a bit slower than most!

had written this post a while ago - found it again (it took some time) and thought it might be helpful......

There have been a number of posts from very frightened people having just been diagnosed. I have been answering posts and putting in my thoughts when I think they could help. But it occurred to me that the most worrying thing about COPD is the chronic element. Usually we go to the Doctor and get a tablet which makes a vast improvement or cure (simplified but you get the gist!) - COPD is a different beast altogether.

Each patient is different, each patient has to become an expert patient by listening to their bodies, learning what triggers an exacerbation or makes you more breathless or starts the coughing and to keep asking the doctors. If you don't feel right go back to the GP - our lovely doctor agrees that my husband and I know more about his illness than she does.

If you have been diagnosed please talk to the BLF helpline and ask questions of your gp and nurses. If you think the medicines aren't helping go back and ask them to be changed. Come on here and ask questions. If you don't feel well ask for advise. These would be my top tips:-

1) Stop smoking

2) Keep fit - ask for a referral to pulmonary rehab. from your doctor/nurse and keep asking!

3) Get a flu jab

4) Get a pneumonia jab

5) If you think you are starting with an infection - go to the doctors don't wait

6) Take you meds. If you are having side effects go back to the doctors, if they aren't working how you hoped - go back and ask. There are lots of meds available.

7) Listen to your own body and learn - you will know best


8) ENJOY YOUR LIFE - things may change and alter but they would anyway - enjoy each day. The good memories will keep you going when things aren't as good!

Take good care and enjoy your new married life! How exciting! . With much love TAD xx

You are in the right place and you have done the best thing you could to help yourself by giving up smoking. Ring the blf line they will help you. Good luck.


Great advice off others fredM8 ! Welcome to the site and just ask any questions, I have emphesema very mild and still very active too !! Have u found out wot form your COPD is yet ? It can be emphesema / bronchitis amongst other conditions

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No idea what sort of COPD it is. Only just found out it is a umbrella term for a host of ills.

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I would find out if I was you u have a right to know, good luck

Welcome, many of us were frightened when we first joined but the lovely people here are very supportive and some are very knowledgeable so having a lung disease is not as bad as you first think. Lots of good advice from TAD above. In between bouts of training, make sure you smell the flowers and see the funny side of life. All of life is still here, just take your time and enjoy. Good luck. :-) :-) Alison


Hi and welcome to the site. It's nice to meet you. Being diagnosed with any lung disease is very scary but you have come to the right place. I have mild copd and was diagnosed about 4 years ago. You have already done the hardest thing giving up smoking. Well done. With medication, not smoking, having a good diet and plenty of exercise your chances of living a long relatively healthy life are much increased. While copd is irreversible you can live with it for many years. Please don't trawl the web and use only recognised sites like this one otherwise you can scare yourself silly. Hope this has helped. Most of all keep your sense of humour!

Bev x

I have Copd, I agree with the comments from above. I was diagnosed with COPD years ago but I felt ok kept getting chest infections in though. Tried to stop smoking but weak will powered I didn't, tried everything on market at that time. It took 2 really bad exacerbations, 2 emergency spells in hospital on BIPAP, specialist telling me he saved my life, before the brain kicked into gear. I tried electronic cigs and guess what they worked, 4 weeks off 1 year of not smoking cigs. I have been to pulmonary exercise classes now for nearly 2 years and go to gym. I am 64 yrs old. The cold windy weather affects me badly, but if I go away to warmer climates I am fine. What I have learned from this site, is everyone is very supportive, COPD affects people differently, as the comments above wisely said, recognise what starts off the exacerbation and take action early. I hope u keep well and warm this winter.

Good job, so far. Start aerobic exercises, like walking and elliptical.

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