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To day there are.4881 HealthUnlocked BLF members, please read on

................................. HealthUnlocked Members.

There are now 4881 HealthUnlocked members at 11-11-2013

An increase of 286 since last update.

Averaging 9+ new members every day/this includes members re-joining

BLF welcomes all new members

I have welcomed all new members with a PM

I hope other members have sent PM welcoming messages as well as requested on the Members page.

I have sent another follow up PM to everyone that joined during the September period.

Another 377 people from pre August period have used the site again during this last period, This is above our regular members who use the site.

Many new members have posted/replied on the site.

The majority of posts have been for medical issues.

I have received over 50 PM's, many stating that they will post when they get the hang of things, fortunately some are now taking part with posts /replies. They all enjoy the site.

I have no figures for members who just look in on the site on a regular basis, or those that do not look in any more.

I am not aware members leaving this month.

The site is healthy ,and going from strength to strength in my opinion.

All the categories for posting are very helpful and appear to be being used correctly.


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Thank you king. Very interesting reading. I am glad we are reaching ever more people. I, for one, was completely lost before I found you all. Now I feel much more confident so i just need the doctors to stop the faffing and start treating. Take care. :-) :-) Alison

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Thirteen new members today, the family gets bigger all the time. Alison

Good figures for a great site. x

Hi Toci, Talking about Great Figures have you seen the New Karate Kid. Think i will change my profile Name what do you think, Matt

Have seen it now. WOWEE! How does your wife keep other women off you? Must be a full time job! x

Am I missing something?

Dream on Matt

And it is a great site. isn't it Toci

Well Done KOTC It's great you welcome all the newbies then you keep them smiling including us, Then the next thing they are giving help support & advice to all the newbies, brilliant, Matt

I like the way the site is progressing with so many members taking part

Interesting. Wonder if people rejoining keep the name they used before they left, so that we would recognise them.

That is not allowed, They have told me and that is up to them if they want it to become common knowledge on the site annieseed

None as far as I am aware. Perhaps you can monitor new members each day for me to see if you can discover any multiple id's Stitch

I am not interested in multiple id's I thought it was you who asked the question and therefore I thought if you wanted to know the numbers then you could monitor it for your own peace of mind. I am not the administrator and do not require any help thank you Just friendship

The members concerned

Thats a thought, Stitch, but I wonder why they do it - boredom, do you think.

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I have asked Stitch to monitor for me to see if she can find any multiple id'sIt will be nice to have some help annieseed

Excellent, King, I know there are some mischief makers out there that like to stir trouble. Sick people. I could PM you if I haven't done already.

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Fortunately I look on the bright side and I don't think we have had any mischief makers for a long time. You haven't PM me annieseed

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Will do,King. Just to turn the light out x

Going to do a drop in, King xx

It must be because they've heard about you and your sense of humour King. The effort you put into this site & many other things I'm sure is truly admirable. Thanks for brightening my day. :-)

I will try to brighten everyday for you mapal

Long live the King! You do a great job,& keep people smiling too,very important! xx

Thank you Wendells

Serenity King

Bev x

You are so serene Bev

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