Online at Work.Mattcass

Hi Guys That's me set up at work using a dongle for access to the Internet, As I said i just sit or stand at my desk it's great i can keep in touch during the day when i was getting home at night sometimes i was to tired to go online, The next thing is how much longer can I keep working since the RA found it's way into my hips my mobility is even less and getting in and out of the car is agony for me, Mark's suggestion is for me to lie on a stretcher he can lift me then push me in the rear door with my feet sticking out with a rag tied to my Big Toe Indicating Big Hazard Ahead, So Funny that's Frans boy for you. Matt

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  • Wonderful sense of humour. Good luck working from home.

  • Hi Suzy6 Thank You.Matt

  • Sounds like the same sense of humour as my daughter.

  • Hi silversurfer thank you, and how are today. Matt

  • Hi stitch, If you look at my next post you can see my big toe for yourself, Matt

  • Hi Matt, I think Mark could be on to something. :-) :-) Alison

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