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Hi all

still recovering from pneumonia and go for my CT scan in the morning. today I felt a little better so I did some cooking. I love to cook I find it very therapeutic as long as I don't stand up for too long. So what did I make, well the left over chicken from yesterday went in to a pie with leeks and some smoked streakie bacon few herbs and a sauce.

that was looooovley. pastry left overs a few cheese straws unfortunate they have now gone too! two individual quiches with mushroom and bacon I have managed not to eat those as yet so they are for tomorrows lunch. And lastly a delicious apple and cinnamon cake I only had one piece of that with some ice cream.

I hope I get off the steriods soon or I will never get out of the house again!!

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  • Sounds absolutely mouth watering/ Well done you! M x

  • Your last sentence made me chuckle! How amazing to cook like that! Sounds delicious. Take good care, Have a lovely day TAD xx

  • Your making me hungry x

  • O I know how you fell I've been on steroids for 3 weeks for a lupus flair and now I'm back up to 30mg for 1week 20 next week then 10 the following week for an asthma flair. I'm getting as big as a house an like you I love baking and eating what I've made there's only hubby an me in the house usuallly

  • I can smell that good cooking all the way over in the USA.

  • That sounds great the chicken and leek pie, ! just one slice,please Lovely to hear you are on the mend, Enjoy. X

  • Can I come to your house. That sounds lovely. Steroids will make you eat so try to eat something healthy. My Mother was on steroids and put on a lot of weight. My sons dog is elderly and has a skin complaint and is on steroids. He will get up on the table and steal food where he is so hungry. He will even take it out of your hand. Hope you get off them soon.

  • All sounds absolutely yummy:-) glad you are feeling better.

    Best wishes


  • I also love to cook & bake,much to the Grandkids delight! I also find it very relaxing.

    Do hope you get off the steroids soon though.Take it easy though pneumonia really knocks you around xxx

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