Very shocking story today : NHS Sweeping changes this week to GP & A+E Services

Very shocking story today : NHS Sweeping changes this week to GP & A+E Services

Looks like lung sufferers are going to be at sharp end of NHS Reforms this week.

999 call takers given £36 bonus per person to fob prople of and Blue light ambulance staff given £250 to keep people in there home instede of tKing them to hospital.

Where is our voice and who decides if someone is worth saving.

These are real questions that have not been answerd .. And who is going to decide.

In my own experiance i have already had GP in action nearly cost me my life

And now its going to be this weeks NHS reforms are set to cost me my life

We have all seen how capable social services was with baby P and thay talk about adult wellbeing social care perhasp that was the case in late 70s but it's not the case now.

I hope BLF and others are going to give those with health condition a voice becouse a dont want my condition to be subject to a bonus

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  • Actually, I took a really bad attack January of this year.

    My wife phoned nhs 24 and was told to expect an ambulance within 5 mins.

    three minutes passed and a emergency paramedic arrived and started treatment in my home after which an ambulance came and carted me off to A&E for further treatment and admission.

    I have Bronchiectasis Asthma and scarring of the lungs.

    Although this was very quick, it still seemed like a lifetime to me I was like a fish out of water.

    WE all know that this government has no time for the sick, old and frail in spite of what they say and that foreigners from other EU countries are permitted to abuse our health system as are some of our own ( leg swingers ).

    The only starting solution for britts is to use our democratic vote to change things, after all, we have put into the system all our lives and we deserve better no matter what age or condition we are in.

    I am in Scotland and I think our NHS is run a bit different from that down south but, together as a country we must be solid.

    NO I am not an SNP fanatic, not at all!. keep Britain as a union and working together as a nation use the only tool we have ( the vote ) is the only way forward.

    Oh! and make those in charge accountable for their actions!!!.

    Sorry don't mean to be on the political soap box, it just angers me how badly we are treated.

  • Hi thanks for comment yep agree well apart from scotland issue as i think scotland would more than likely better of on its own given events in UK

    But is very worrying as it looks lime a social genocide practice on sick and most vulnerable i shall not draw comparisons but i will say this is one we all have to be concerned about.

  • I know what comparison you may have in mind.............

    Don't fully know what the answer is but I do know many voices will be heard and we deserve to be heard and treated with dignity.

    Get out there friends and give them lip action it is really simple to draw an X.

    keep well, Tom.

  • Agreed

  • On the other hand . . .

    [Quote] Hospitals Accident and Emergency Wards are crammed full of patients seeking attention for many non-life threatening trivial ailments, including nose bleeds, stomach-aches and other everyday problems that their local health clinic or on duty pharmacist could easily take care of for them.

    In England alone last year these time-wasters cost the NHS a staggering £136 million clogging up the waiting rooms with minor ailments, but when you take into consideration the country united as a whole, the total cost could well be reaching billions. . . . [/quote]

  • You are right .. GP need to get there finger out yes i agree with reforms of fake GP but not my safety net

  • the whole problem is complicated, first I think people deem it a right to get medical care for the most trivial things that they could sort out them selves, because it has become a nanny country, and has taken the responsibility away from people, and with the high rate of claims against the NHS they have to be seen to do there job, even on the most trivial problem, I read yesterday that it costs £700 in insurance for every birth in the uk.

    I believe this says it all

  • Just because their are people who go for minor ailments should the genuinely sick be put at risk At the point of triage these time wasters should be packed off on their way maybe fine them for wasting time that could be used for life saving work But do Not put at risk people with life threatening illnesses .

  • There's a fantastic amount of health fascism going on nowadays. If you're looking for blame, look to the Coalition (who weren't even voted in, if you remember and I would add, both parties (Lib Dems/Cons, made promises to keep the NHS as it was and neither haven't).

    This is such a huge issue. It's becoming like Victorian England - Deserving/Poor/Undeserving. Now, Deserving Ill/Undeserving.

    You should see my fb page. Online petition after online petition.

    As one of those 'Undeserving Ill'. I've managed five days not smoking. Hey. Delighted. Huge row with partner this evening and was tempted to drive to Sainsbury's to pick up ten cigarettes but didn't. Feel like blasting out Brahms in triumph!

  • Hi cheers yes you should of posted link ... But yes we are over blame game and now who evers watch its on.

    As we have seen with joke of welfair refoms its those honest in genuine need who suffer.

  • Well said! Good for you not giving in to tempation. M

  • Well done for giving up Smartt. :)

  • Oh yes, it's fantastically serious. I only saw this post forty minutes ago. I can't understand jokes about welfare reforms... these 'reforms' have such serious impacts on so many people who are in genuine need and are being abandoned. I notice even Cameron's abandoned the 'Big Society' nonsense.

    Anyway, keep saying, tra la, la, haven't had a cigarette for five days. So will I be regarded as the 'deserving' or 'underserving' ill? There's a thought!

  • Yep al very positive but we are talking about that taboo word no longer of economic value and that is what i fear more

    Like who decides

  • These closures of the walk in centres are going to add to the burden of an already overstretched and in some hospitals understaffed A&E depts.

  • Hi cheeers things are defo going down the pan

    Thanks for link :)

  • I know that a a trial has taken place throughout the country where patients with severe lung or heart problems were given monitoring machines which were linked up to a monitoring centre by professionals to check on them at home .Back up could be arranged when required, I dont know what the results indicated. I learned about the trial from a BLF nurse who regularly attends our Breath Easy sessions to offer help and advice when needed. It is more difficult to get GP appointments these days which is probably why A&E departments are so busy. From my own experience I can always get an emergency appointment due to my condition and have a walk in centre nearby for out of hours treatment. Joyce

  • Well done for choosing a safer place to live. It never occurred to me that I would need to find a house based on availability of medical care. Sad days. :-) :-) Alison

  • Our drop in centre, which was built at a cost of 2 million pounds, but was extremely popular, and kept waiting times at A&E down to a very acceptable level, was recently closed because, wait for it, 'It was too popular.' Experts hey???

  • We are ending up a Third World country!!

  • Hi Daz, this is worrying, who decides, who is governed by making a quick buck over the importance of saving life. I really hope this is shouted out of parliament and court. Is there an E petition up at 10 downing street web yet do you know? I will have a look later and post if I see one. Just about to go out now.

    I did find this link, last evening but was too tired to post then. You can view documents which may be worth investigating further to see what guidelines are already in place for the NHS ambulance quality indicators data for 2013-2014:

    Hope you are feeling a little better today.

    Best wishes BC

  • Were did u get that information from my daughter is ambulance staff ie a paramedic and as far as I know she's not been given that information no decent ambulance staff would put money before a persons health.

  • I have experience of being kept home when I was I'll. I went to the Drs for tummy pains and a temperature. Bear in mind I had pains on and off for thirty years. Anyway the Dr gave me antibiotics. It didn't get any better and I ended up in bed and couldn't put anything in my mouth apart from liquids. I was getting afraid because I hadn't eaten for a while. I phoned the Dr every day for five days. The last one I spoke to said I had irritable bowel or constipation. I said your joking aren't you. He said you don't think much of that do you. I said no I don't. On the Saturday I was feeling really rough so I said to my Husband ring 999 which he did. He gave the phone to me and I said how I was. They said you are not an emergency as you are talking to us. I said oh no I feel really ill. Anyway they put me on to a nurse and then a Dr. The Dr came out and sent me to hospital. They did an x ray and a scan the following morning. Anyway they found I had a blockage and I ended up having an Emergency operation. I had a bag for eight months then went back for another big operation to have it taken away. So the moral of the story is if you feel that bad make sure you do something about it I could have died.

  • This is an age old problem were non medical people are deciding what to do with figures and statistics not people. Making A&E have a 4 hour max wait time is not the best plan at all. Why not have a grading system. Something stuck in an orifice that is not life threatening on the bottom of the list. A small cut no longer bleeding why do they need to be there? Drunks with no injuries put them in a drunk tank away from A&E with qualified staff to oversee, maybe even charge them for the service as this is totally self inflicted.

    Many years ago my wife tripped over the train of a wedding dress and put a hole though her bottom lip. While there it had 5 people with mental health issues causing all sorts of mayhem. A group of 5 student looking adults came in with a man in a wheelchair in a collapsed state who was taking though to triage and checked over by a nurse and then a doctor who suggested a stomach pump, for him to get out of the wheel chair with a big smile on his face and said not a chance and they all left laughing. They should of been arrested. We then had a poor woman who had fell though a glass door which meant a major effort by every member of staff and still some complained of the wait. Walk in centres worked so I see no logic in closing them.

  • Who are the people being paid to fob people off are they employed by ATOS

  • I am a member of EMAS and have yet to hear of anyone being paid to keep people out of hospital'

    The Ambulance personal's first priority is the PATIENT.

    Become a member of your local ambulance service and back them rather than criticise.

    They have probably saved my life on many occasion


  • I have just had to change GPs after the ones before refused to treat me telling me to go elsewhere saying didn't deal with the cardio -respiratory after refusing to discuss planning- heart failure symptoms , a recent pulmonary hypertension diagnosis[ while tests ok. This has been delayed since a sudden heart attack13 yrs ago- died 3x then .They refused to transfer hospital appts when moved knowing died x3 allowing me to move twice to areas where they then allowed the A& E departments to shut while allowing Nurses & technicians to run the medical testing without discretion on remits ,then discriminate and barr when realise the risk to themselves . To make matters worse the MPs have told me to go back to the GPs so it appears nobody wants to know or could care less.

    Even Tele care and Police Service are run by set ups [ call centres] organised to plug the gap of no middle management[ decent organisation] .Why do you think there are no ambulances ?Call centre employees love the drama of calling them out it appears .I have had a system that has not worked since set up . I often have to leave it on cancel otherwise they do not follow agreed procedures for arousel sending out services unnecessarily . Now they are trying to lumber neighbours & relatives 100 miles away , Single, solo with no carer. This is rather than provide an efficient safe system. it is false economy surely they realise that Minor Injuries should not replace A&E ?Blaming the patients isn't the answer can't they see that . Cutting on cuts does not make sense with no intelligence overseeing is madness . No wonder no hippocratic oaths are being taken. While the cats away…..?There are conflicts of interest.

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