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Since joining this group, I feel that I won't be judged, and I can say how I feel, and get the support I need. I have smoked for over 40 yrs, since I became ill couple years ago, have been like a yo yo when it comes to smoking.

I hate the smell of it, but still on days feel the urge to have one. which I have. I have bought myself one of those Electronic Socialites cigarettes. but have made an appointment, yet again with the chemist for Monday to help ease the graving for a smoke. I haven't used the Electronic cigarette yet, and cannot believe myself for feeling worried about using it, and not being worried the same about smoking. Any suggestions? Nannyb xxx

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hi nanny ive had the electronic cig since last year (july) not smoked since think you should give it a try i told my consultant i was using it and he was happy enough with that so i hope you give it a try good luck with it anna xx

Morning anna, Oh I am so glad you replied, I was worried about using it. I will give it a go, and let you know how I get on .Thanks again nannyb xxx

I too smoke for over 40 years and quote a heavy smoker. I can't tell you how many times I have stopped only to start again! But strangely enough, when the Doctor told me I have COPD and the only thing that would help would be not to smoke and I haven't since. I was so scared that I would stay struggling for breath got the test of my life. I too had tried everything on the market but nothing coughs stop me! All I can say it's keep trying. Use anything but that's available but above all Dont stop trying. I still find it difficult and really could easily smoke again. I have even considered buying only10 but I know it well just build up again. Good luck and if you want a quitting buddy, keep my name.

Morning carol, Thanks for the reply. I really felt awful last night writing the question, It felt like a wave of relief typing it out. I am going to try the electronic cigarette. Monday is my quit day again, I will let you know how things go. Nannyb xx

Don/t feel bad nanny I've been round and round the circle stop for a while buy ten smoke them stop again repeat. I used Eciggie and it helped. I still have cravings but managing to ignore them. Keep trying. I have always started again when under stress or unhappy.

Thanks Suzy6, I am going to give the E cig a go, My husband has all ways smoked, but he just gives up no problem, when I'm on a mission to stop. Don't know how he does it bless. Will keep you informed of progress, Thanks again Nannyb xx

I gave up when I was diagnosed 4 years ago I used nicotine lozenges now I'm addicted to the lozenges. Even using the lozenges I still get the odd longing for a cigie. I haven't given in to the longing (yet) because my breathing was really very bad before I quit. I do have much better breathing now even though it's not perfect and far from it it's better than when I stopped.

I got addicted in the beginning to nicotine gum, then the eciggie now just chewing gum when I get a craving.

I should get some mints an cut the down the number of loz I use

It is hard nanaber but sometimes I feel weighed down by I should do this I should do that drives me barmy. Suppose that's life. I'm sitting here thinking I should be cleaning the house etc.

Suzy me too I've been sick for about three weeks and my energy level is 0 so I'm trying to convince myself to get up and just make a start. Could haves, should haves, and must haves should be outlawed.

They must be outlawed, Have a good day nanabar. Making an attempt to rouse myselfx

Morning, Have tried the lozenges before did not like them, and the gum cannot chew it, it sticks to my teeth, I have got half denture's few weeks time with prob have full ones, will find out this week. I'm going to give the Ecig a go. The chemist said that there is a mouth spray, do you know anyonw who has tried it. Nannyb xx

nannyb I tried everything for over 10 years, I did get hooked on the spray, however it was the best thing, I smoked for 50 years, then got cross cos got hooked on the spray, cos there is no way you can cut it down, so in the end I got the lozengers, now all niccotine products give me stomach some gip, but I stuck to them, and then got lower strengh and cut down gradually, cannot go cold turkey, feel deprived cos years ago pkt fags was a reward, baby sitting ect. however. I did stop altogether, it will be 3 years this xmas, but dont you feel bad, I smoked for 2 years after my diagnosis, so I know how hard it is, but it was all worth it, take care and stop worrying, we are all different. Joan x

Thanks Joan, Will keep to posted on progress. Nannyb xx

Good on you Nanaber xxx

Hi nannyb im fairly new here. I was told i had to stop smoki.g 10wks ago. I booked an appointment for hypnotherapy and haven't smoked for 9 wks. Early days i know but so far so good. All my symptoms have cleared up and my lungs r getting stronger each wk. Hypnotherapy does help with the cravings. The allen carr book worth a read it helps to change ur way of thinking about smoking . Good luck from jackie .x

Morning jackie, and welcome. I'm glad your feeling better, and that you found something that works for you. I'm going to give the Ecig a go, and have got an appointment with the chemist on Monday, to try again. I will also try the Allen Carr, I will get the ap on my ipad. Thanks Nannyb xxx

Hi jac493c. I am an ex smoker and what I have to say to you is if you have gone that long don't give in to the temptation of having ONE. Because you have not given up long it wouldn't take long to get back into it. I would sooner go on a diet than give up smoking. It was that hard. I did try one a few years ago in an attempt to stop two of my boys. I do worry about them has my Husband has IPF which they think may run in families. Anyway I tried it and it tasted disgusting. Please don't try it.

Hi mavary they think my lch may be triggered by an allergy to tobacco so smoking is not an option. Won't say i don't miss it now and again but glad to be free from it at last. U r so right about it not being easy and the smell yuk. Hope u and ur family stay well.x

Thanks! You had to do it the hard way. I must admit if someone lights up near me even now and it is only that I do like it. Having tried it a few years ago though I know how it tastes. I definitely could never smoke again. The smell on someone when they walk by you if they are smokers is horrible. They say us ex smokers are the worst.

I have not smoked for over 20 years and they still smell good if someone lights up by me. I think that even though they have not been 100% tested the e-cig is a better bet than tobacco.

Thanks offcut, going to give it a try. Nannyb xxx

Don't give up trying I tried on and off for 20 yrs but when I started with breathing probs just new I had to if I wanted to help myself drugs only do so much that was 5yrs ago and now I can't even stand the smell of them can't imagine what my breathing would be like if I,d carried on so don't give up it can be done.

Hi Shadwell, I have got to stop, And more to the point I want to quit. I too cannot stand the smell, and I know its the reason my sats have gone from 67 to 46 in just only 6 months. I was paranoid about smoking before, but know the looks on my family's face tells it all. and the text messages I get, when they have been out on the town for a drink and their feelings and worries come to the front. Got to make this one count. Thank you for your kind reply, I will post my progress. Nannyb xxx

Listen to your family, use the support your husband offers and go for it. Post your progress on here for us all to help with support. Good luck. x

Thanks Toci will do Nannyb xx

Ur welcome nannyb hope u find the right method for u im sure u will all the best :-)

Hi nannyb. Nobody could have had a harder time than I did. I kept having the odd one here and the odd one there but couldn't give it up. At the end of the day you need a very good reason and an awful lot of willpower to give up. i think I have said before if you can go three weeks you are pretty well home and dry. When you have gone without for a while say to yourself NO! I will not have one and find something to do to take your mind off it or maybe have a peppermint which will make the cigarette taste awful. Hope that helps. Keep trying! Remember that one will lead to you wanting another and you are back in the trap.

Thanks for that, I will keep trying Nannyb xxx

Good luck. You can do it. Yes you can.

What you need is motivation and willpower, not forgetting any other aid to help. Since consultants are discharging people who don't follow their advice to give up smoking, that was my motivator. Willpower and an efag are helping me :) x

Thanks,For that. going for it on monday. Nannyb xxx

i was helped in hosp two yrs ago next may high strenghth patch and vapour ciggie that u just puff on u sttill get the nogotine but not all the nastys i still crave but i have to tell myself that the docs pulled me tghrough and i would not want to go threw that again belief me any one can do it but its determination i smoked for over 40yrs when u get the urge do something to tk ya mind off and if any body smokes in ya house ban them from smoking if any one ask just say i dont mind u smoking but would u mind going in garden my house is no smoking they either like it or lump it its your health hun

Hi becraftygirl, Thanks for the reply, and I will take your advise nearly everyone I know smokes, so I will definately tell them, Thanks again Nannyb xxx

Nannyb my old man who smokes like a steam train has been looking at this e cig on line you put liquid in it, it comes in a case which has a battery in to charge the cig you still get the nicotine but none of the other nasty stuff you get in tobacco like embalming fluid

Thanks onamission, Thanks for that. Forgive me but chuckling away here, The Embalming fluid, is it a do it your self job, save them a job later. Nannyb xxx

My daughter came back from the quit clinic with a leaflet and on it was a long list of what they put in tobacco liquorish was another thing the list just went on, I know now why I ended up with COPD

YYes Nannyb, my friend uses the e cig ,not smoked for nearly 6 months, give it a try. all the best . H. X

Thank you, and will. Nannyb xx

In reply to Nanny I have up smoking 3 Years ago using gum but am now addicted to the gum. My partner gave up a few months ago using a vapour E cig and that has worked well for him. I do still get the occasional urge to have a cigarette, but it took me so long to finally stop that I don't want too have that struggle again Give the E cig a try wish you well.

Thanks patty17, my quit day is Monday. Going to give it a try. Thanks again Nannyb xx

Hi Nannyb . I've tried everything from gum to patches sprays nothing helped with the dreaded weed ! I bought the socialite e-cig 1 month 16 days ago and ain't looked back . My opinion is it's a mirical it really works - I've smoked 32 years and believed I'd never give up .. I have now thanks to socialite . I started of on the usa blend high strength now am on the medium strength but choose to use the menthol blend - so when I feel it's time to give up all together I can pop a menthol sweet in my mouth . You can do it -if I can anyone can . As you can see this site is a great help and plenty support from everyone on it !! Here's to Monday hopefully the start to a smoke free life for you .. <3 Angie <3

Hi Angie, I'm going on my Ecig tomorrow, (Fingers crossed or maybe not) or I won't be able to hold it ha ha. But on a serious note. Thank you for you support. Nannyb xx

Hello NannyB

I don't think too many of us on this site are going to judge you. We have all pretty much been in a similar situation.

For me: 54 year old Aussie bloke - no symptoms that I was aware of until just a year or so ago - but smoked for 38 years fairly heavily and now moderate COPD. I don't like the idea of my own smoking having caused this, I really don't, but there's nothing I can do about it at this stage except look it in the face and see how best to fix it from this point on.

Giving the damn fags up is hard, I know from first hand experience!

This might seem a bit weird to you, but I finally gave up, and only 6 weeks ago, after a 40 a day habit for 38 years, with the help of a hypnotherapist. I know they're not for most people, and many of my friends have howled me down for going to this, but it actually seemed to work for me.

At least for the last 6 weeks. Who knows what happens in the future.

Best wishes.

Hi Greg, Your doing well, I'm glad you found something to help you. I feel more determined this time, not like all the other times I have tried. I know it's sad but usually the day before I am going to quit, I get really anxious and cannot stop thinking about it. But today I have still got my positive head on, Thankfully. I think it may be down to my 4yr old gran-daughter who I looked after all day, and she is at the madam stage. So I am totally shattered. But at least she took my mind off Tomorrow. I have bought an E cigerrette and I am at the quit smoking clinic in the morning. So I am going to give it my best shot. I could do with hibernating for a week, That would do it. Thanks again for your inspiring reply. will post how I am getting on. Nannyb xx

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