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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALWAYS ON MY MIND

The nations no 1 Elvis song Always on my mind

This is about all, my Health Unlockder friends...............Always on my mind


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What a great programme that was kotc, very moving, I had a tear in the eye on more than one occasion.

Last year I saw Priscilla Presley playing the wicked Queen in Snow White at Wimbledon theatre.. She was really very good, very funny too :) night night

Excellent show.

My favorite too Kingy, Night night


Did he send you to sleep with fond memories ?

That is a really nice thing to say KOTC....really nice :)

Thank you for your kind words

Like you King, Elvis will live on and on. :)

You never know!

The feelings mutual, Love all Elvis songs, do you remember Momma like the roses? Used to love that one, all ways reminded me of my mother. nannyb xxx

Not one that comes to mind but after all he did record over 800 songs

What a lovely thing to say.

My heartfelt pleasure

Loved that program last night. Very emotional. Yes KOTC that was a lovely thing to say. M xx

Did you have a little tear drop?

The programme was good KOTC, brought back many memories. Lovely winning song, glad to see my favourite came in as runner up. Was thinking of you while watching it hope you enjoyed the show

Don't hear so much from you lately are you ok!

Spent one day in bed and one day that I couldn't post anything but apart from that I am up and running

That's a lovely thought, thank you, X

Thank you,it was truly meant.

Glad to hear you are ok. I thought you had gone quiet.

We did not have that show here unfortunately! Do hope you are feeling ok King, take care xxx

Recovering from a bug, three weeks now,

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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