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Doctor's in general

I seem to have been having a go at Doctors today. I was just sat here sewing and could not stop thinking about it. Not all Doctors are uncaring, There are some lovely ones, who cannot do enough for you. They are only human, like the rest of us, they have good and bad days. Now that's of my chest, got enough on there already.

Knock knock, Who's there. Dr, Dr Who. hah exactly. Nannyb xxx

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I know what you mean about some being good and actually caring about the people who they treat. My previous GP and resp nurse were brilliant I could really open up and trust them to take care of myself and family, they always kept me informed every step of the way and explained anything that I didn't understand.

Ann x

True Ann, I just had to get that joke in at the end. Hugs Nannyb xx

I would be his perfect companion :) all that free travel and magical scenery hehehe

I could do with a bit of Magical scenery, not been a way for years. The last time I went was year before my Youngest daughters wedding, So that was 1996 she got married in 97. We had to save up for the wedding, although I made the bridesmaid dresses, favours,church flowers and all the other flowers and reception ones. I all ways went abroad on my own, as husband never liked holidays most of time used to end up in Greek islands loved it. Ive got a holiday on my bucket list, which is to go to Rome, have to save. Nannyb xxx

Theres always Cornwall lots of lovely places here and open spaces, lots to see and do :)

Ann x

Been as far as poole in Dorset, that was some years ago, Cornwall has all ways sounded nice, might just get down there yet. Nannyb xxx

I love Cornwall nannyb. I think you would too. We had friends in Bournemouth and had some lovely times touring round that area with them. Did Cornwall many times when our Son was a child. He adored it. Happy memories.

It does sound really wonderful, Will have to wait for warmer weather. Nannyb xx

there are some wonderful beaches and countryside, I'm glad that I finally made the move. If you decide to take a trip here just give me a shout and we could maybe meet up.

Ann x

Love too. If I find myself that way will certainly do that.

Sounds like a good idea Ann. will let you know when I'm going to make the trip. Nannyb xxx

I have a wonderful doctor, Dr. G. He has been so sympathetic and caring. When I move I want him to come too!!!

I think your going to have to win the Lottory, Then you can take him with you, and I'll come and be your housekeeper. Nannyb xx

Dont be my housekeeper, nannyb, be my friend xxx

I will, allways, Nannyb xxx

Sleep tight ..Nanny x

You Too Annie, Sweet dreams. Nannyb xxx

I agree about some very good doctors, even though one of ours made a mistake this week when my 18 yr old granddaughter walked in the room and he had her flu jab ready (she is asthmatic) He gave her the jab before asking why she had gone to see him. After examining her chest and taking her temperature he diagnosed pneumonia. and prescribed ABs and told her to go back in 2 weeks. She then came out in an allergy rash although she has had 2 jabs in the past. I bet in future he will ask what is wrong before giving the jab.Despite the mistake he has always been very attentive. Joyce

The flu jab clinic, reminds me of a production line, in,jab,out,next. He had probably got into the flu zone. but Yes I am sure he will ask next time. Hope she is feeling better. Nannyb xxx

she is getting better thank s Joyce

I've been moved to tears reading the caring and thoughtful conversation in this blog. what wonderful people you are.

Morning Mustcarryon, Thanks for those kind words, I have truly found everyone on here, to be so. and enjoy reading every ones posts. Have a good weekend Nannybxxx

I would love to move house to a different area, but I'd have to change doctors and I'm really happy with the ones I have.

You are funny. Dr dr who. Ha! Ha! I find if you catch the new Drs especially the young ones they are very good and nothing is any trouble for them. It is the ones who have been there longer that just don't seem to be very caring. Perhaps they have people who are malingerers and think all are the same. I don't know!

We must always remember, who has the Dr had to cope with before he saw you?


True, nannyb xx


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