RA, It Never Rains But It Pours.Mattcass

For weeks i thought I had a trapped nerves in my hips but it got so painful I could not stand could not sit I was sent to get a x-ray and within 24hrs I was told I have severe arthritis in both hips now and will try and arrange for me to see a Rheumy Consultants, But surely it strengthens my case to get them to talk about the RA treatment that by-passes my lungs intravenously because they say that any operation would and could be very bad for me. Advised me to give up my work I said no way it's the only thing besides Fran and Mark that keeps me going. Matt

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  • So sorry to hear about your troubles, mattcass. Seems to me that life can throw a lot of bad things at you. I admire your determination. Love from Annieseed x

  • So sorry to hear you have arthritis Matt in your hips lol x Bliss

  • hi you are a a very strong minded person and sometimes it doesn't pay but i do admire your spirit you look after your self

    Dorothy xx

  • Rotten luck mattcass. Sorry you are having such a painful time. I hope the doctors find a way of helping you. :-) :-) Alison

  • Take care mattcase, hope they listen to you. Know how you feel about working. I still work at 71 and with COPD but keeps me sane.

  • I'm really sorry to hear about the RA in your hips Matt, bad news. I hope you get some relief. Peeg xx

  • Sorry to hear you still get problems thrown at you.

  • Sorry matcass, not being to sit must really be painful. I hope you see an efficient doctor who knows his stuff, pretty soon. You have great courage. Look after yourself mentally and spiritually, as well as looking after your body as best as you can.

  • Hi Matcass, it's agony, isn't it. I have RA too, and even in my "lazy boy" recliner the pain gets to me. I bought one of those beds which you can raise the head and foot part. Thought it would help RA and bronchiectasis, but I can't sleep with either end raised. It gets my neck and hips. Hope you get a good consultant and he communicates with your chest doctors. Best wishes.

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