~~~~~~~~~~~~A SENIOR MOMENT

......A senior moment

I have a problem with my house, it has two stories and it has stairs.

When I use them I have to stop midway to catch my breath.

My problem is that, when I'm ready to start again,

I can't remember if I was going upstairs or downstairs.



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  • KOTC> It is no longer called a Senior Moment, in your case you definately had a

    CRAFT moment

    Cannot Remember A Flaming Thing. Good luck on the magical mystery tour of your house. Lol. Berwick

  • Am I a 'Crafty B....r' then Berwick?

  • Could be, maybe, maybe not,we will see. Berwick

  • or maybe a Goosey Goosey Gander where shall I wander,

    Upstairs, downstairs, moment

  • But not in my Ladies chamber ann

  • Hi, King. Wise words. I think it was you that mentioned Elvis P. Tonight, on ITV, there is a prog. "The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs"

  • I will be watching

  • You don't know whether you are coming or going do you?

  • I think I went there before I came back Mavary

  • Very familiar to me, king. I usually can tell. If i need a wee, I was on my way up. Otherwise, I give up and make a cup of tea. :-) :-) Alison

  • What a good idea Alison, Now was that tea or coffee

  • That's the problem with living in a Mansion or is it a Castle fit for a King. Maybe its time to downsize and move to the gate house at the end of the long drive eh' King.

    Hope your enjoying Elvis, I am.


  • You are ALWAYS ON MY MIND Tony


  • You can do the action and I will do the talking if that's OK by you Tony

  • I seem to remember the Grand Old Duke of York had much the same problem, King, so you're in good company !

  • That's fine by me dukes

  • Oh dear,.......... well I dont have stairs anymore, but you could put stickey notes on your shirt/jumper ect, now what I really miss about no stairs and ( I used to have 2 flights aswell) is when I hear a noise in street ect, I think I will just go upstairs and look out of the window (nosy) lol true, and also when I could get up the 2 flights, the top one had a dorma window and I used to watch the moon and stars, mind boggling, amazing, so I do miss my stairs, but now I have to be positive cos it was just to painfull to use them,......... by the way I recorded Elvis, to watch later cos my dog wasnt well tut, never mind shes ok today phewwww Joan x

  • Forgot.I live in a bungalow!!! Joan

  • oh you na na lol

  • You are cheeky Joan

  • who mwar lol

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