passed out

hello everyone well l have been to the doctors yesterday he gave me more steroids and antibiotics still got chest infection too well l was feeling a bit like l was going to faint when l walk been like this for a few days anyway l got up walked into the kitchen stood with both hands holding on to the work tops as l felt a bit fainty next l remember l was on the floor my husband was saying marie marie then l just said what he told me ld collapsed but as l say l don't even remember doing it he said my eyes had gone to the top of my head so god knows what could have caused it but glad lm ok now

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  • Sounds like that nasty virus going round .. Think most people on here have had it

    Glad your feeling better is horrid

  • How frightening - good job your husband was there with you. Heres hoping this round of abs and steroids work for you - hope you start to feel better very soon. Take care, TAD xx

  • How scary for both of you, lets hope these meds get to grip with this chest infection very soon.

    Take care, if you feel wobbly sit down don't go wandering in the kitchen, worst place to fall.

    polly xx

  • That would have been scary,for the both of you!

    I wonder if you should go back to the Docs.& let him know what happened?

    As Polly said,get out of the kitchen,or anywhere else that might be risky,maybe get to the lounge,or onto the bed.

    Do hope things are better for you soon xxx

  • Marie

    What a horrible experience for you. You might want to mention it to the doctor incase one of the new tablets has disagreed with you. Wish you better.



  • Hope you get well soon.

  • That is very scary Marie and hope you are ok. Pete coughs really hard and goes very light headed and out of control. Yesterday he plonked himself down really hard on the loo seat and dislodged it! All fine now but it does frighten me and I prefer him to be sat down. Do take care and feel better very soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I have felt faint a few times the other day and this is not usually the case. currently more SOB than normal and maybe not getting enough oxygen though my oxy sat shows to be in the 90s so should be fine !

  • I would go along with Wendells and let your doctor know what has occurred, if the medics weren't called at the time.

    The doc will probably want to check you out, and may even want to send you for some more tests and checks.

    Glad you are ok now.

  • Have just come out of hospital again, more Steroids and antibioticts, have been on sreroids for a long time the respery centre want me off them as i have been on them far to long. I do not know what to do the hoospital keep felling me up with Steriods and antibiocts, thistime my throat was swollen i could not breeth, can any 1 advice me, Ann x

  • I get very light headed when I walk and have done for a few months I just put it down to lack of oxygen getting to my brain, hope you feel well soon and you are rid of that nasty chest infection.

  • sorry to hear about that. I was dignosed last February with mild copd breathing kept getting worse and started to pass out luckily I was at the clinic for copd and they admitted me I had all sorts of tests and after two. weeks stay in hospital one week was Sheffield specialist unit they told me I had pulmonary arterial hypertension as well. I am now on oxygen and medication and feel better. there is no cure but it can be treated. perhaps you could mention this to you doctor. it is only diagnosed by special tests. good luck

  • this happend to me went to loo passed out cut my chin open and put my teeth through my lip woke up in hosp hope you r ok now

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