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Stranded, embarrassed Pensioner

Stranded, embarrassed Pensioner

I was fixing some sheeting over my chicken run but as I climbed onto the Coop, which is about 7 to 8 foot high, I knocked my ladder over so I was stranded on the roof with no way down!!!

No problem, I thought, mobile phone in my pocket just ring the wife and she can sort the ladder out! WRONG!! She's having forty winks in the front room and all I kept getting was an Answer Machine!! Ten minutes of Answer Machine calls later she came out to see why I wasn't having Forty Winks too!!

Then it took another five minutes for her to stop laughing to sort the ladder and get me down WOMEN!!!

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I stood on my head to enjoy your pic lol

xx Ros xx

Me to lol x

Sorry Ladies, I don't know what happened there. It was the right way up in my photo's.

The Wife keeps singing "don't jump off the roof dad!!!"

Seems like it turned your World upside down! haha. :-)

I keep chickens as well. When I went to put them away at night it was a bit slippy and I fell over couldn't get up as it was too slippy. Hubby was in the house and I had to wait for ages before he finally came out to see where I was. I thought I might have to kip down with the chucks for the night. Lucky no harm done-good job as well. Take care thanks for the giggle! Sue

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That would be awful Sue, did you have your waterproofs on? ;) or your yellow wellies. It easy to be eager for the freshly laid eggs but I am not sure I would like to swim in the mud to get them. ;)

We have eight at the moment and they just turn the ground into a quagmire which was why I was putting a sheet over them, I hate Mobile phones but I'm glad I was carrying it yesterday x

Well it could have been worse Lurcherman, it could have been blowing a gale and tipping it down with rain. So I'd be thankful for small mercies ;) I am sure the golden yellow yoked eggs are worth it though :) mmm Love fresh eggs.

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Glad you are OK Lurcherman. We have chickens too. They have turned our garden into a quagmire. They love the trees for shelter but eat any green shoot as it appears. We really love the eggs and sharing them with friends. They are very funny to watch and Chloe has learnt so much about looking after them. She is not daft, though, and is always too busy to help clean out. We have four cockerels and are figuring out which ones to give away as 1 is very immature. The lavender araucana is gorgeous but must go as we have two of his sisters. Our family favourite is Ivan, a beautiful Exchequer Leghorn but he is not happy with the Jack Russell and tries to go for him. They used to play chasing games but Ralph steals their food and chases the hens. Ivan is very protective of all the others. I am not sure if he might become too aggressive when the sap rises in the spring. This is why I am reluctant to give away our beautiful barred rock, Jet. If Ivan has to go, Chloe will have 1 of the cockerels we raised. Not sure what to do. Take care. :-) :-) Alison

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Hi Lurcherman, Be thank full I'm not your wife. You would have been there longer than 10 mins, I would have been on the floor rolling with laughter. Nannyb xx

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you can always trust your nearest and dearest to laugh the hardest. Never forget the time i bought a hat that said one size fits all... it sat on my head like a cherry on a bun, miles too small. The mrs was in hysterics for half an hour.

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I thought your predicament hilarious, lurcherman. I loved hens as a child. They were such friends and each had its own personality. Unfortunately, the fox got in one night. I still can remember the racket, and the sadness.

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