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I have never been told whether I am correct when I say I have mild COPD, because I am fit and well, despite the lung issues. I don't use any medication and manage really well. I was diagnosed in 1968 aged 16, had a lobectomy of the left lung 2 years later. I have never smoked and other than the cough and wheeziness am very lucky with my general health. My average Lung Function is 170, and my sats are about 94/5. It didn't concern me until I just read a post regarding travel insurance and thought maybe someone will know on the forum without bothering my GP. I don't want to mislead the insurance company and then find I am not insured.

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Hi, My husband is now classed as severe and doesn't want to travel anymore! But we did go to France about four years ago - we had insurance through our bank accounts. When I rang to check he was insured they asked minimal questions - had he been hospitalised because of it, was he on oxygen and that was that. He was covered without paying an extra premium. I would advise you to tell the insurance company - just in case! Enjoy your travels. TAD xx

i'm going to california in march and checked with tesco travel insurance, they dont count an illness unless you are on more than two medications for the same illness.

Scars is correct the amount of drugs you take usually effects travel insurance and whether they have been changed during the last six months. The other problem is whether you have had any inpatient treatment recently for the illness. Your post would make me think you should get insurance fairly easily with most companies, but you do need to declare it incase anything changes while you are away .

My advice with any insurance is to tell them EVERYTHING! Lots of cases where someone has for example broken a leg abroad and insurance won't pay out cos not been told person has asthma! Insurance companies seem to use every possible excuse to not pay out! Hope you have a good hols.

Thanks for all the helpful advice. I will definitely declare it . I am not going for 2 years, so lots of time to save up. Route 66 and visiting my son in Boston. Can't wait.

I have COPD level 3 when I went to Kenya 2 years ago the insurance company from the travel agent wanted me to pay 3 times the amount of my old man who is a coffin dodger and excess was mad I phoned Tesco they insure my house and car and they insured me same price as my loving coffin dodger and we had a fantastic holiday with no problems

thank you, it sounds as though the telco insurance may be the one for me.

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