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Furosmide and Digoxin, Warfarin and salbutamol?

I have scaring to my lungs both inside and outside, which has given me 53% lung function. So I now have to take Furosmide water tablets for a month to see if that helps when I am flat? My O2 drops when I am flat. He stated that my graph showed that I was consistently bad even after my salbutamol blast. So now I have 15 prescriptions for at least a month. Maybe after my pace and ablate it might improve things?

However when I looked at the scare sheet with the tablets it states that it can affect your blood clotting, Digoxin and Salbutamol? Has anyone else on here had any problems?

Thanks in advance


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Dear Offcut,

I was on Furosmide already when Digoxin was added to my prescription to try to get my Heart Fibrillation down the two drugs together made me feel very sick and anti sickness drugs did not help! However, by changing the water tablet to Bumanetide it resolved my sickness problem so I was able to continue with this new water tablet, after 6 months it seems to do as good a job as Furosmide, if you start to feel sick, this info may help you.

Best Regards,



Only on the 2nd day so not a lot happening at the moment. But thanks for the info worth knowing just in case.


hi im on all what u on been on them ages but hate water pills onloo most of day have to arrange outings round water tabs horid warfarin never have like being on them


Been a week now and my chest feels like I have been coughing a lot and is dry and uncomfortable?


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