~~~~~~~~~~~Taken from BE Nottingham news sheet . ~HEE Hee

...............................ONE WISE MAN

One night, KOTC who was in no fit shape to drive , wisely left his car in the car park and walked home.

As he was walking unsteadily along the road he was stopped by a policeman

''What are you doing out here at 2am in the morning ?'' asked the officer

''I'm going to a lecture'' replied KOTC

''And just who is going to give a lecture at this hour?'' the policeman asked

'' My wife'' came the reply.



Breath Easy would like you to join them

For details phone 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm

20 Replies

  • Ha Ha Ha love it.

  • BEN Always good for a laugh Suzy6

  • Nice One KOTC. Berwick

  • They like a laugh at BEN

  • Good one Nannyb xx

  • King, you are a bit of a devil. WOW!!

  • Way past my bed time wasn't it annieseed

  • Love it. Joyce

  • Another funny one. M

  • Funny. :) :)

  • made me smile,could just imagen it! xx

  • Me staggering along the road?

  • Thank you king. That remunds me, it's a while since I lectured Marty! :-) :-) Alison

  • That sounds about right to me lol.

  • Now Now!!! breather

  • Don't be to hard on Marty

  • loved it hahahahahahah Joan x

  • aha ha ha! She was waiting for you complete with a rolling pin!

  • She probably was, I didn't feel it helingmic

  • very good thank you x

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