Yo, Smartt's back!

(Although not feeling so smart/smartt)...

How are you all doing? Lynne, particularly. Lynne, thanks for your emails, they were not just inspiring, they were helpful. and the trip up from here to Liverpool for the Chagall exhibiton was well worth it. Also, thanks to all the rest of you.

However, (and here's the bad news) I've found myself at Square One today...!! Smoking. Absolute nightmare. Stopping, starting; stopping, starting. Something just seems to click in my mind after several days/weeks where I just decide to have a cigarette and I do it. On the days I'm working, I visit the local newsagent and buy 10; on the days I'm not working, I hold out until the late afternoon and then leap into the car and drive to Hammid's (a really nice guy, by the way) and buy some cigarettes.. It's a conscious decision despite all my efforts and I act on it.

Help. Have any of you had this and, if so, how have you quashed this weird and sudden revision? Really would appreciate any responses. Thanks.

I wish you all the best and thank all of you for your candid replies to my original posting during the summer months when I was first diagnosed with COPD.


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  • The most important person that can help you stop smoking is you. It has to be your decision.

    For me I just valued preserving my lungs over the desire to smoke.

    Over the years I have known those who continue to smoke after diagnosis and those who stop fairly quickly, those who continue to smoke deteriorate very quickly in comparison and life becomes much more difficult.

    Think Smart, be Smart, decide to be smoke free.


  • Thanks for that, BlakeyC. Absolutely spot on but it's not been as easy as I thought it would be. By the way, well done!

  • well said BC, I couldn't add any more to that except perhaps - Choose life!

  • Thanks for that, BlakeyC. Absolutely spot on but it's not been as easy as I thought it would be. By the way, well done!

  • Hello Smartt, never underestimate the power of your mind! if you really want to stop you will! you would be very wise to stop for good, it's down to ...choice....choose to love yourself enough to stop! :) huff xxxxx

  • Hi Smartt. I have done it and I would rather go on a diet than give up smoking. I was exactly like you. I could not give up. My Husband 40 a day gave it up just like that. I would go to my sister and cadge one. At the end of the week I would buy her a packet. I had to make a decision that I would do it. You are prolonging the agony as when you run out of the packet of ten you are craving them again and maybe at the time you haven't got any and can't get them. I'm sure you don't want to be craving one so give it up just like that. It's the only way you will do it. Three weeks and you will be more strong to resist them. What is three weeks in a lifetime and your health will be better for it. I have done it and it was so hard but if I can do it you can. Just do it. Stay strong. If you give in to one you are back in the vicious circle.

  • Thanks for that. Yes, I know the mind is a very powerful thing. Something just seems to cause a trigger a few days/weeks in and I just decide I 'have' to have a cigarette. I've read that three weeks seems to be a turning point for a lot of people. Is this really the case? I'm ashamed to say I haven't got that far - my longest over the past few months has been two weeks and then I get this urge I give in to. Vicious cycle, yes.

    Having another attempt today - which, hopefully, will be the successful one. I know so many people who have done it and try to take strength from that. Shall try with NRT this time. I've been trying cold turkey and it seems to me that of those I know who have quit completely have done so with some help.

  • Not very smart !!! I was diagnosed with copd on the 22/11/2007, I was smoking at that time between 40 and 60 a day. I threw my packet into the bin and have never had a cigarette since !!! YOU CAN DO IT TO. Good luck.

  • Nic O'Tine is the very devil! He will tempt you to death (literally). The only way is to beat him with your mind. See him for what he is. Imagine your cigarettes as instruments of Satan which will destroy your soul; or sticks of dynamite waiting to explode and kill you; perhaps creeping insects waiting to be inhaled so they can eat your flesh from the inside (Hallowe'en influences here!). You get the picture? Cigarettes are NOT your friends! They are your vicious enemies using all sorts of tricks to defeat you. Use your own tricks to master them. Take back control of your body. Dig your heels in and fight back. NOW! Good luck. x

  • I smoked for over 50yrs sometimes 40 a day. I realised I could not afford this when I retired, so with the help of nicotine patches I stopped. It wasn't easy because I was so addicted that I would drive from the countryside at 3am to an all night supermarket for a 'fix'. Get some help don't try on your own

  • Don't forget my mate WILL POWER he can be yours as well


    Your daily tonic

  • I understand exactly, been there. Gave up for 5 or 7 years, can't remember how many to the exact year but then had one with a friend and back to the circle. Buy ten smoke them stay off for days start again. I have now kicked the habit along with the ecig but it isn't easy. When I get tempted I tell the evil little devils in my head I'm the boss and no one gets one over on me. Good luck hope you make it this time.

  • Brilliant! I loved your reference to 'the Circle'! Really conjured (there you are!) a visual image.

    Well, 5/7 years; for you, pretty impressive... for me, 5/7 hours since my last cigarette. Not quite so impressive! Be curious to know about your ECig experiences? Mixed reports but, I believe, due to be approved as an NRT in 2015.

    Thanks for your comment. It was zingy and encouraging and I'm not going to lie, tonight hasn't been easy. Teenage daughter acting up with me trying not to use her upset as an excuse to go out and buy some more cigarettes. Anyway I didn't. So, good. More trials tomorrow though I'm sure!

  • It was always stress that sent me back. Learnt now it does't help. I used it for three months then, silly I know, but when I wanted a ciggie used to use it empty for a while. Now I use nothing but KOTC willpower. Good luck stay strong.

  • Hi Smarty i'm new to this site was diagnosed with COPD about 10 years ago like you found every excuse under the sun to smoke my daughter dragged me kicking and screaming to our local quit clinic the skid marks can still be seen on the path. The thing is I did not want to give up and I was not ready I was given complete control when how so I choose champix because you can still smoke with them until you feel you don't want to smoke and 11 days after I didn't want to smoke, that was 8 years ago if I can do it anyone can good luck

  • Thanks so much and well done (your skid marks to the local quit clinic made me laugh - I can see it as a Steve Bell (Guardian) cartoon). Champax. Well, I'll check that up. I think I've read about it but I'm just not sure it would be right for me even though it seems to work for so many people.

    Hope things are good for you and, thanks again.

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