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A fortnight to go

Till we go over

02:30 ferry to Calais

From Dover.

Then down into France

Wrong side of the road,

The motor home weighed down

With all of our load.

Then on into Spain

And over the plain.

I'll do ow't this winter

To get out of the rain,

The horrible snow and the

Wind and the fog,

It's all arranged now

And even the dog

Has a passport to travel

And had rabies jab,

Some good Euro maps

We now need to grab.

Some cream and sun hats

And Immodium for belly,

But one thing we won't need

And that is the Welles

Then when we come home

Safe and sound GOD willing

5 months will have gone by

And we'll have been chillin.

Your best wishes we take with us,

and the wish for good health,

to this forum I write on

with occasional stealth

and wit as intended and tongue fixed in cheek,

I'll try to keep you updated at least once a week.


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Bye Chris. Have a great time - and send us a little sunshine, please! x


Oh Chris

I am so excited for you and wish

I could hook a trailer onto your motor home.

What Bliss

But we will all be travelling with you

as you update us each week.

God Bless you dear friend

For the adventures you'll share

Its an opportunity for us

so glad that you care.

Bon Voyage Chris and eat plenty of bon bons :)

Looking forward to your posts


Best wishes BC

PS love poetry.


Happy Hols, happy travelling, happy health and happy weather. Life wont get much more happy. Love Annie x


Wish I was coming with you have a lovely time


Have a fantastic time in the sunshine hope you have a lovely holiday, look forward to your posts.

polly xx


we drive down to southern France every September and then take the Santander ferry and drive to Gibraltar every March for a month at a time wonderful way to shorten the winter. what pure joy it is to drive on continental motorways and go hundreds of miles and never see a cone or road works, although we do have a caravan we are lucky to have friends with apartments in cap d adge and in Estepona so all we have to take is our suitcases and ourselves


How wonderful, hope you have a great time, lots of sun and good air quality, will look forward to your posts all your adventures ect, safe journey god speed. Joan x


Bon Voyage CanalChris, blooming good for you I say.Have a wonderful and happy adventure the three of you :D xxxx

ps you'll find the Spanish roads amazing (al that EU money) and mostly empty!


Have a fantastic trip - so excited for you!!!! Please tell us of your tales of adventure when you can. Good Luck TAD xx


Got any room in your suit case, I'm only little. enjoy Nannyb xxx


Happy travelling, send us news of how it goes, enjoy


Five Months! what bliss I am going for 2 weeks this time but did stay for 4 weeks in September. I still work but am retiring next April,Maybe I will be able to talk my husband into going for the winter too then.

Your holiday sounds like a real adventure though not just a little trip. Enjoy!! :)


Can you fit me in your suitcase please,sounds like just the ticket :D


Hope you have a wonderful time. I am very jealous! I think they still have that wine lake over there - Sante! :-)





Wish we could go. The winter is not good for my Husband. Have a wonderful holiday it will be better than being in England.


Have a fantastic trip Chris.

Lynne xx


Very happy for you. Can't get my husband on a Tinsel and Turkey weekend!!!!!


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