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Well been at it again looking at emphysema emphysematous lung tissue threw a microscope

Yep as you will know have been quite ill and coughing my lung scabs debris up .

Now i only got into it as thay are a red colour and not being curious as never been a strong point

But yep as it was there infront of me why not :)

Am posting a picture of what i hope is emphysematous lung tissue i coughed up ression i say that there is a lot of others nastys you can get from asbestos exposer.

But yep i whiped lung tissue under light microcope as you can see its pritty fragile stuff lung tissue but as you can see there is one or two big holes init

Looks like my socks but think its tad more inconvenient than just a hole in your sock

But yep you are looking at emphysema and nope its not good .. i hope am coughing it up becouse B12 is regrowing bits of my lungs.

As you can see its very holey tissue but there are big holes .. I think that is where there asbestos fibers where sticking in my lung tissue and my bodys amtiinflamarty response caused what is called a fibroblast thus size of scar tissue debris was to heavy for my lung structure to support.

Also you can see black damaged bits one crossing big hole those are your respority bronhol also you can see small black lines with two small lines crossing them one at top of black line and one at the bottom of black line those are your avolie or grapes gas exchange part of you lung

Why am i posting this .. Well as you can see i took my lungs for granted and if i would of new how fragile delicate thay was i could of made a few more practical life choices i.e not worked in places that was hazardous to my lung health.

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Fascinating! I feel like a medical student! Well done for finding out so much about your lungs. I hope things are going well for you?

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Hi toci cheers thanks for commenting .. am afraid my lung doc was correct when he said all lung fibrosis is destruction is the same .

Well as far as it starts of in your respority bronchol whitch in my pic are long black bits and clumps are your avolie a can see why he is struggling with a diagnosis and says it might be bronchitasis.

I have been able to find out is for sure its the issue of what caused or exposed to is only defining feature of this disease or illness.

Cheers all the best

At least they are admitting something is wrong and not saying it is your nerves! x

Hi cheers Toci ye are but am having to twist there arms .. and still wont disclose my xray to courts

You'll get there. x

Very interesting, Yes if we could have those choices again, Take care X

Hi junespoon defo agree with you there.

Cheers all the best :)

Wow, very interesting. Thanks for today's lesson and I hope it helps getting this stuff out. Take care x

Ad like to say a feel better for it but alass a don't .. Guts are playing up but whats new .., anyway cheers thanks :)

Hi Daz, so hope that B12 works miracles for you. Keep taking good care of yourself and bless your poorly lungs.

BC x

Hi cheers BC a hope B12 works miracles to

Think this year i have had one month infection free thus i think docs are holding out on me ..

Anyway seeing lung doc on 14 and going to ask him to be strait with me its cant be normal to have infections for nearly a hole year .

Hope you get some good results with your lung doc, ask also if you can qualify for B12 injection and if that may help you more than the B12 supplement. also have you had your Vitamin D3 levels checked Daz, something else especially as you've had to have lots of steroids and ABs. I sure hope things start to look up for you.

Best wishes BC

O yes nr forgot looking at pic you can see big black spot on left of picture with what looks like a black line coming out of it.

Well under microscope that is a clear pointed fibre stuck in a mass of i assume my bodies lung amtiinflamarty response to a toxic object it cant engulf ..

I think my findings with this post are correct given scar tissue asbestos debris i have been coughing up

Hi Daz, you might find N-acetylcysteine could be helpful with lung damage. Getting the run around is so insulting. Hope you get a resolution soon. :-) :-) Alison

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