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Any Clues on a Drug that bypasses Lungs in treatment for RA. Mattcass

after 20 weeks my GP has told me the course of Hydroxy i am on is not working, Then indicated to me that there is a final option for me that involves a drug that is applied intravenously that by passes my lungs but would go no further in the discussion, This was mentioned a way back when i was very ill between the two of them. Anyone heard anything about what i am talking about, Mattcass

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Sorry, can't help. But, in my pinion, the doctor should have explained better and answered your questions.


Hi Toci, My consultation ended up a very heated affair Gp had a go at me for not taking all my meds correctly like finishing one before its repeat is due, he was adamant that I should take 8 strong P/Killers daily even if am not in pain that way when he RA hits my body is ready to deal with the pain, I looked at Fran and she sat there shaking her head, and I said to him all the tablets in the world and any pain that goes with it is way beyond anything that you have experienced before, In March I was on 2 Morphine based drugs, dyhidrocodeine, Tramadol, 80 Streoids a day, Amatriptaline, and god knows what else, Ive been through several severe pain episodes in my life even with all the meds you are also reduced to a sobbing wreck, And when I was young i joined boxing i had 4 older brothers that meant you had to fight for everything you wanted I would think nothing of running about with several broken fingers or a broken wrists, 2 years with acute pancreatic pain and running about with a frozen shoulder for 18 months after treating me for a calcium problem, But nothing compares to what WE go through when I get hit with flare ups for weeks on end and also coping with my Lung issues at the same time. I stood up and said don't think for a minute you can control the pain we go through believe me you cant. Sorry Toci it's long just trying to tell how it is for Us. Matt

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