........................Your favourite Elvis song. Let's beat the TV show

...........................Your favourite Elvis Presley song ? TV show staring soon

Lets beat them to it , what are your favourite's?

Mine is 'It's now or never'



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Have you been reading my mind, I been collecting elvis on you tube for the past hour, anyway mine is Always on my mind, was also done again in 90s I think, cant remember who by but ELVIS IS THE BESTEST. LOL x

PS I like soooooo many of them tut

You are 'Always On My Mind' mahunamoon

Oh weeeeeeley lol x

I don't know many, but I did like 'In the Ghetto'.

swoons cant help it lol

What you might call 'A mess of blues.' mahunamoon

true toci,

That's where I came from! Toci

I like some of Elvis's American songs, but one of my favourite's is Suspicious Minds. But like many of his songs from his younger days, Which do you like KOTC ?

He likes It's Now or Never (I'm psychic you know :) )

Suspicious Mind peeg

Do you still have a suspicious mind katieoxo60

answer in one Yes

I cant remember what he was singing but he was very young & wearing black leather biker jacket...... that's my favourite but I also like Blue Suede Shoes :) ........ JAILHOUSE ROCK ;p

BTW, I'm missing Toonamps & his great posts.

You're so young and beautiful ! peeg

natururally ;D

Never ever liked him KOTC. Berwick

Neither did I, which is why I know so few!

I was feeling a little ignorant until Toci and Berwick spoke up. Dont know why but never

"got involved" with Elvis. One of the few!

You must have at least one of his songs from over the years annieseed

See him on you tube

I wasn't a follower of Elvis. but am the first to admit he made some super records that have stood the test of time.

My favorite King of Rock n' Roll song was Mystery Train, an early one by the King eh' King. :) Think I'll 'You tube' it right now, Rock on all you Healthunlockeders!!!

There was a film called Mystery Train directed by Jim Jarmusch which focussed on a range of different people (who didn't know each other) all travelling to Graceland. Very cool film.

I'll have to look out for that one 02, Come on people dance or copd to Elvis. Nice one 02!

Come On People Dance was my email address to register with EFFORTS (Emphysema ?Fight For Our Right To Survive) a forum in the US, and the final post on a blog i did a while back about biking and breathing. Great to see it in your post Dall.

I haven't seen that one O2Trees,sounds good

The train I ride sixteen coaches long. Tony .A very popular Elvis song

People have got there first - no chance to be original here!

Mine are both "Always on my mind" and "Suspicious minds". Kind of contradictory when you think about it . . . . . just about to play them now!

You've got to 'Follow That Dream' O2Trees

Oh believe me King, I do, I do!

I'm not an Elvis fan either. Even been known to switch the radio off when they played on of his songs! Although I quite liked Return to Sender.

'Don't leave me now' poemsgalore

Love me tender I think. But love all Elvis's stuff.

Me too although it's hard to watch his later stuff when he wore the white onesies with the big collars. Poor thing, died too young.

'What a wonderful life' !!! hypercat

ELVIS is king - and he got it all :) Oooo! - how to choose a favourite song.... If I can Dream, It's Now or Never, Girl of my Best Friend, All Shook Up, American Trilogy. Mmmm, so many of them. Hope he's singing up in Heaven xxx

He will be up there singing 'Don't leave me now' lovelight

The Wonder of you. I remember a friend talking me into playing truant to see Jailhouse Rock. Didn't think he was worth the trouble but do like some of his hits. Not my favourite though.

'Baby I don't care' EH Suzy6

I certainly was. I caught up just a little late.

'Are you sincere' nowadays Suzy6

Very sincere and honest too.

ELVIS Separate Ways

was a classic

You are right, from 1972 glesgajohn

Hi, Elvis Just pretend, not so well known but still great, Playing for keeps, Young and beautiful. Some great songs. I have a very large amount Elvis songs in my collection. If you want a song tell me and I will email it to you. All the best, Larry

'I gotta know' Larry

Hi King, I've got that. I need an email address and I wil send you an mp3 of that song. Larry

What I meant was' I gotta know' what songs you have got. I have just over 50 of his songs ,yet I never bought one !

Oops my mistake. I am converting my collection of records to mp3 as the records take up too much room. So far I have mainly done the Elvis ones. I have almost every record he ever made. It takes forever. I have never counted them but certainly I have several hundred possibly into the 1000. Once in mp3 version I auction the discs on ebay. I have several other artists as well. I am particularly fond of the DooWop era, and I like country music. My wife and I used to own a limousine company until health forced me into retirement. In the limo company we had cars to match the rock and roll era, 1959 pink Cadillac and others. If you do a cars you owned thing I wil put some pics on . Larry.

You've got a job on there. Elvis recorded just over 800 songs.

Ive already done the Elvis ones now I am starting on the 5000 others.

I don't know how many records I have but for twenty odd years I had four records per week out of the juke box from 1973. I have never played them. I have also got a collection of LP's from CBS artists that were given to me each year when we held their conference

Elvis was the King, Suspicious Minds, American Trilogy. Super Songs. Matt

'Make me know it' Matt

Old Shep never fails to upset me.....

'You saw me crying in the chapel' Lurcherman

That's two of us crying hee hee!!

I never really liked Elvis but he was given some great songs to work with. The only king for me makes great cocktails and makes me laugh! Ooooooooo, blushing now. :-) :-) Alison

'Ain't that loving you baby' Alison Oooooooooooooo

love 50s music was born in the 50s but was not mad on elvis but i did and still like return to senda

'Young Dreams' music!

In the ghetto,old Shep,return to sender xx

'All shook up' Eh wendells ?

In the ghetto and the wonder of you liked Elvis but a bigger fan of Tom Jones xx

'Let's have a party' Stitch

'Way down' snow54flake

First one I ever heard was my dad playing it,...........Teddy Bear I didnt see anyone else say it, but sorry if I missed it........................ wooooooooo hoooo Joan x

I remember being taken to a party with a boy I had fancied for weeks and I really did just want to be his teddy bear. Oh happy memories. Strange things happen. We are now back in touch over 50 years later.

'Let's have a party ' Suzy6

Just tell me the venue I'll be there

I just want to be mahunammon's loving Teddy Bear

Before my Sisters Husband died he made his own arrangements for his funeral. He had a triple heart bypass a year or two before he died. He arranged to have one of Elvis songs when we walked into the church. I cannot remember which one it was but it had us tearful straight away. It could have been. Love me tender.

'Softly as I leave you' another tear jerker

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