Night Night all

Night Night all

Here is a little something to read, I find it very comforting and humbling, this was found in an old monastry in Baltimore, theres many a tale of it on the web..... so just a few nice thoughts to sleep with. sorry if its to small to read, but you can find the text version on web. this is an image a .jpg ..............


The poem's copyright A 962402 [6] was registered by Ehrmann on Jan. 3, 1927 as "Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, et. Card.",[7] and was renewed by his wife in 1954.[8]

In August 1971 the poem was published in Success Unlimited magazine, again without authorization from Ehrmann's family. In a 1976 lawsuit[9] against the magazine's publisher, Combined Registry Company, the court ruled (and subsequently the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld[10]) that copyright had been forfeited because the poem had been authorized for publication without a copyright notice in the 1940s – and that the poem is therefore in the public domain.[11]

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Pearls of wisdom, lots to think about - or just absorb. Thank you :)

This has been a favorite of mine for many years,my copy is written in the olde way and was found in a church in 1692,can't remember where but it is a most inspiring piece ,I wish I could go placidly,my irritation is so bad I shout at myself.the copy I've got which I've now come across was found in old St Paul's church,Baltimore,dated 1692.Wonderful,thank you.

yes bertshep123 its beautiful, I find it very comforting and grounding, I cant stay in a bad mood after reading this. thanks for your response yes you are right it was an old church supposed to have been found by a monk, another nice thing is now its free for everyone to use, no copyright infringment, nice to hear from you, Joan x

I've just had to look for my copy in an old filing cabinet,it was in miscellaneous,how sad is that,so I am now going to frame it ,send a copy to all my loved ones,and try to get it published in our local paper as a 'thought for Christmas' so Joan see what you have started,and there was I thinking I was bored today ,much love to you,Anne x

Oh wow Anne what a truly wonderful idea, I framed my text version about 20 years ago lol it fitted in a A4 paper and frame and I decorated the text all around the edges with felt tip pens all like scroll effects, bet that can be done now with all the software we have. so pleased for you,you know someone always comes along and cheers me up, now youre not bored, I do believe in what goes around comes around

and of course the words are so inspiring aswell , thanks for your response, looks like youre gonna be busy bee, lol Joan x

Thank you O2Trees, yes I tend to absorb it, its good for my spirit and soul Joan x

Good to start the day with hope some of it sinks in to this head of mine.

Thank you, I had a great sleep last night and evn felt very refreshed when I awoke Joan x

That's so lovely and grounding. xx

Because it was a bit difficult to read, I typed "a poem found in an old monastery in Baltimore" in my browser and came with a version that you can download in black and white.

Actually, the website is useful to find several psychology theories, worth exploring. In fact there's a biogra[phy of Max Ehrman too, interesting.

Thank you for this. Mike.

Oh yes I can hardly read it, I do however have a text version aswell yes indeed good link you sent, thank you Mike Joan x

Mike if you follow this thread for audio version, however there are many versions on you tube............. ok Joan x

You can enlarge (or reduce) most things straight off on your computer screen, which i did on mine as i couldn't read it either.

On a mac you press "apple command" and "+" at the same time. Not sure what the equivalent is on a pc.

yea I have got a mac, so I didnt say anything re windows cos I forgotten lol

here is a you tube version in audio saves reading text docs, words are a little bit different.

Published on Oct 16, 2012

Les Crane, born Lesley Stein (December 3, 1933 -- July 13, 2008), was a radio announcer and television talk show host who scored a hit with this 1971 recording, winning a "Best Spoken Word" Grammy - it reached #4 and charted for 21 weeks

wonderful, all sleepy now :)

arwwww not bedtime yet lol or are you meditating, x

In the lotus position on top of my chair! Look I am levitating ... funny view from the ceiling! But it's warmer :-)


nature of my emphy, doesn't take much to sleep :)

yep know the feeling x

That was beautiful!

I loved the Les Crane version when I was younger. Haven't heard it for years. Thanks for reminding me of it mahunamoon. xx

there is a lot more on you tube most of them are Les Crane Joan x

This reminds me of my Grandmother. She was a strict Salvation Army lady who had very high values. My Grandmother was a housekeeper for many years and was very highly thought of by her employers. She had to work because she had two children and no Husband. My Grandfather died in the first world war.I don't know why it makes me think of her. Maybe.because she was a gentle kind person.

Awwww yes of course she was special and I suspect a gentle soul, bless yur Joan x

Very moving,thankyou,xxx

thank you x