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Made a decision

After a few days of choking on powder(inhalers) ,side effect I have decided to stop them,I still couldn't breath anyway,so hat was the point of putting myself through that, instead of nothing I got my old ones back ,250 one a littl one ,I got more from the oil of oblas I breathed in,I must order eucliptous to breath in clear my airways,until I get an give them back,it was a trial to see if ok

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I'm so sorry to hear that you are not taking your inhalers, go back to your Dr an tell him so you get the treatment you need there must be something out there that will help you ring the BLF they will help you take care lol xxx


Hi Artist, Pete cannot take any powder based inhaler but he does have a ventolin inhaler and another one (purple) that are not powder based so ask your GP to only give you the sort you can use. Powder can be very irritating and don't suit everyone. Good luck to you and take care. Carole xx


I can only repeat the advice already given - GP can prescribe other, non-powder inhalers and BLF can advise as to what is available. I am also wondering if you have been shown how to use the inhalers correctly?


20yrs of practice with inhalers,I can feel if it's gone in my lungs before,but I couldn't feel the new powder ones go in,so I doubled sometimes,and that's probably why I had so many side effects.i need the liquid ones.

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Hi Artist I had the same problem there are other options you do need to have your meds its important.As the others have said go back to your Gp or resp nurse. Janexx


Thank you all ,yes it is important that I get the med I need,I will make an app. I do like the natural things ,I've been on a web site Advanced chest inhalers are very good,helps people get around abit easier,not get so tired,sounds great,


Back to the doctors Artist23



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