Woke up in hospital

Woke up in hospital

A battered-up young man awoke in hospital with little recollection as to how he got there.

He explained how he was in a pub, a bit worse for wear, and saw two somewhat large ladies at the bar, talking in strong accents.

"Are you two ladies from Scotland?" he asked.

"It's Wales you twat" came the reply.

So he said "Sorry, are you two whales from Scotland?"... and that's the last thing he could remember!!!!

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lol good one x

he he love that one :-)

Hahaha, hehehe :-) :-) Alison

Haha oh dear ! made me smile thanks.:) Janexx

LOL very good thank you x

that made me laugh

It's a cracker. LOL Berwick

Very chuckleistic-enjoyed Joyce


You shouldn't make me laugh so much,it makes me cough. Good one though :)

Very good glesgajohn!




Brill nice one john, a true one for you at my work, A car pulled up at my security barrier with two Irish girls in it and one said i think were lost i replied you sure are your in Scotland,Hee-Hee Matt

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