doc just phoned read respiritory nurse notes from yesterday, and he says he dunno why she changed my meds cos shes not written anything down, anyway he has written a scrip for a stronger seretide cant remember the number, and thenI phoned pharmacy, they will pick it up and deliver in morning phewwwwww its been a long wheezing day, I feel a lot better now tho, thanks to all those who answered my question regarding Fostair, Joan x

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  • Glad to hear you are getting sorted. Take good care TAD x

  • Good everything is sorted for you now.

  • Thank you very much, yes make me feel better know I will get meds in morning in the meantime I can use seretide 150, hope everyone is ok, not seen so many of the ladies on here today, I know its been very cold and it does have a bad effect on most of us, hope to hear from them tomorrow. Joan x

  • Not so many Ladies Eh. Ah peace and quiet!


  • ar well theres always tomorrow, lol x

  • Hello Joan glad your meds are dealt with hope you are ok.Keep warm. Janexx

  • Pleased to hear that you are feeling a bit better, I am on seretide 500, 1 puff twice a day. But I just use 1 puff once a day, Rest up plenty fluids, relax, Sending love , Heather x

  • Like the picture Joan...very apt :) Rest and keep warm x Lovelight x

  • Love the picture! I'm so glad the doctor sorted this out. You have to be careful with nurses who thinks they know. Doctors are better qualified!

  • Thanks again everyone,I got seretide 200 so its only 50 more than I am used to, the thing about the nurse is shes the respiritory nurse we never see a doctor, they always refer us to her,..... we see her every three months and if you have been off antibiotics for 6 weeks or more she does the spirometry test, I hav'nt had the test for over 12 months now, mabe get lucky next time. Joan x

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