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Why illness strikes at night

Seen great post in paper and thought a would share it

Any A&E doctor will tell you the revolving doors really start spinning after midnight as patients with severe asthma, acute heart failure and

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) start being admitted to hospital with life-threatening problems.

This is also the time when waiting times are longest - official statistics show patients visiting A&E face much longer delays in the early hours compared to the daytime or evening.

Nocturnal health deterioration: There are physiological reasons which help to account for the rise in patients with severe problems at night time

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true ive just read it,

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love the reasons for laughing also very interesting article.

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Interesting article Daz, many thanks.


Very interesting reading Daz, no wonder I am always laughing even when I am really ill,

my body sure knows what it is doing, thank gawd it does lol I know there has been a lot of research regarding laughter.............. love the image you posted thanks Daz Joan x

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Laughter. What more can I say! dazisnotsogood.



Very interesting Daz, thank you. Laughing is definitely good for us. :-) :-) Alison

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love the drawing, must stop this giggling or I shall be spinning those doors, thanks for that Daz. X

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