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I really do want to

I really know I should

I know I really must

I know I really have to

Its for my kids

I cant let them down

I will give it a try

Coz i don't wanna die

But I don't really want to

And its not a good time

I'm not well at the moment

I'm far to bloody stressed

I'll do it after christmas

My new years resolution

I really will try

Coz I don't wanna die

I can't breathe

Its me I deceive

My coughing drives me mad

Panic attacks are real bad

I hoover on my bum

Getting spasms in my tum

I am going to try

Coz I don't wanna die

All that was before

I've now slammed the door

I no longer stink

And i'm looking fairly pink

I still can't run

So I now walk in the sun



no one believed that I could succeed

I showed them them all

Now I'm walking tall

I'm smelling real fine

My food tastes devine

Those heavy laden shackles


so to have my crackles

Told you I'd stop

Well I did stop

I have stopped

I'm feeling good

so very proud

I am so happy no longer sad








I am no longer a smoker :)

But I am a successful :)




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Very well done. Hope you feel better soon x Joyce

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Hi Joyce,thank-you very much me too damn germs. Janexx

Fantastic - you deserve to reap the rewards of better health.

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Hello Pentreath how kind appreciated thank-you. Janexx

I loved that, L.L. you do have talent. All very positive when you aren't well.

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Cheers annie keeps your mind active when bored all good fun thank-you.Janexx

We have a poet amongst us. A big well done Jane I really enjoyed reading it. Sorry to hear your ill hope you feel better soon. I'm having a bit of a down day myself today. Can't say if it's the lupus, fibro or the copd but it's safe to say my get up has left without me. I could also be the result of having the family stay for the weekend. 6 adults and 2 little ones is a lot to look after and I'm feeling it now.

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Blimey, Nanaber! I couldn't cope with all that. You must have a big house. Cooking and washing etc. But nice that they came.

Nope annieseed, just your average 3 bed semi. The only thing extra is we converted our garage into a 4th bedroom with an en suite. So plenty room for sleeping just no room for anything else.

Oh blimey nanaber no wonder you've lost your mojo hun,visitors do drain your energy.take it slowly for a few days,I think this weather makes us feel more breathless aswell..Im afraid I know very little re Lupus.Look after yourself nanaber and thank-you.:) Janexx

Will do and you take care too get yourself better fast. xx

Hope you start feeling better :)

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Hello dazisnotsogood thank-you so much.Was reading the article on your post,Im quite glad I take most of my meds at night.I have Variant angina which does mainly show off in the night strangely though cant have it all,haha ,keep well my friend Janexx

An ex-smoker you are

An ex-smoker you be

You are now an ex-smoker

Just like me!

Sorry, best I can do. I hope you feel better soon. xx


Hahaha brilliant Toci made me smile thank-you.Its down to you that I got here in the end.Janexx

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Toci, very well done.

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Brilliant - hope you get better reL quick xx

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Hello Tadaw I did reply to you but it went to email heaven coz its gone lol.Thank-you me too its a week now so would like it to bug off .Janexx

The funny thing is flibberti on this occasion it was remarkably painless! but then before I wasnt here and it was the right time anyway.Who knows Im just happy that ive stopped.So thank-you for your kind words.Janexx

Thank-you kindly Jackie a bit of light relief for me and hopefully others.Iknow germs its out staying its welcome I have to say.Keep well now Janexx

A poem a day will help us all rest and play.

Welcome to poets corner


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Haha Ive called mine scribblets defo not a poet ,but thank-you kindly KOTC its a bit of fun. :) Janexx

WOOHO!!!!!! FANTASTIC longlungs. Our own non-smoking writer of scribblets. :-) :-) :-) :-) Alison

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Hi Alison hope your all good at the mo? haha thank-you all good fun eh.Janexx

That was great Jane, Hope you start to feel lots better soon, Being a none SMOKER sure that you will.Lots love Heather X

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Hi Heather thank-you Its been a year since Ive had any bugs so taken me back a little.hope your ok Heather? Janexx

Just wondering if you feeling a little better, hope so ,Heather X

Ahh thank-you for asking havnt been up long but I do a little so Im hoping Ive now broken the back of it.What are you up to today Heather? Janexx

Morning, must admit that I did the post whilst still in bed,I don't rise that early, usually between 9-930am, showered,tidyed up a little, Daughters washer has broken, so she has asked for a early Christmas present, looked on Argo and going to order,one sounds pretty good for 169,pounds,So that's there Christmas prezzies done, will just some stocking fillers, so not been through the door and spent my money,!! The sun is shining now so will pop out and get some shopping, But you stay in, rest up, and you will feel more yourself, I will pop round on my way back for a cuppa and bring 2 vanilla slices!!! Love Heather.X

That would be a good poem for the stop smoking clinics Jane. Good luck with being a new person and hope you feel better soon

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Ah thats a nice thing to say katie.I only ever do these scribblets etc when im emotional very odd coz its quite over whelming bit like therapy I guess.Praps Im just barking lol I do enjoy it though,even if its rubbish or what.Yes I hope the bug bugs off soon. Janexx

ows you now kid any better xxxbernice

Hi there Im not too bad you know so very puffy though so cant do much at all like british rail gettin there.Hows you kiddo?Janexx

good take it easy ll,im work now,bernicexx

Have a good night what do you do? Be careful out there eh ? Janexx

Me too stopped 4yrs ago,but down with a cold and throat at the mo,feeling like death

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Hello meg nice to meet you.The throat is horrid soso sore I fortunately thats now gone for me just left with a very bunged up head and ofcourse the chest.Are you taking all your meds to fight the little buggars.Keep warm and snug.Well done 4years how good is that im still a greenhorn haha.Get well soon meg.:) Janexx

This is the 2nd lot of cold and throat in a month ,with havin asthma I seem to copit in winter ,really fed up,I'm taking xtra echinacea,my throat s really sore too,having lots of drinks

You stay warm Meg, and I hope you are feeling,much better this morning.Heather.

That was brilliant Longlungs, there seems to be so many budding Poets on here, every time I come onto the site someone always cheers me up with a poem. Hope you feel better soon, there are so many bugs going about at the moment. We have chickenpox and shingles going about at the moment, that's worse than a bug when you have a very low immune system like me. Stopped smoking 4 years come February, best thing I ever did. Take care. Cheryl

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Hi Cheryl blimey OReilly thats no fun at all for you !Ive never had that never want it friends have said the pain is something else,im not good with pain!I cry and all sorts.I remember in my pre natal classes long while back,all the mums were saying " naturel child birth no pain relief" sorry I put both arms saying I'll have all my pain relief and all theirs too" haha nah! Cant wait till I can say 4 years well done you Im slowly beginning to feel like a proper non -smoker.Iam so sorry to hear your suffering i really hope you get relief soon Cheryl. Janexx

Hi Jane, sorry you must have picked me up wrong. The chickenpox and shingles is all going on around us, and I meant with my low immune system I am having a job keeping away from the germs and trying my best not to catch it. lol I have heard shingles is an awful thing to catch. Your 4 years will soon be up, and you will feel great. Take care. Cheryl

Hi Cheryl oh good Iam glad I got it wrong on this occasion lol.Be careful out there with all those germies floating about.Janexx

You must be proud of yourself. Both for the poems and definately for giving up smoking. I found it very hard. Please don't try it again as it will get even harder to give it up again.

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Hi Marvary we all survived the storm thank god ,it did rip the felt off my shed roof but hey luckier than some!No I'm having moments of oww sod it ! but they are moments,I think for the time being it will be a day at a time much like an alcholic does.coz one would lead to41.Iam impressed, thought I would never do it! So I do have a great big cheesey smile.:) Janexx

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Hi Longlungs. Just remember they will always be calling you. Sometimes when you are at your lowest. You can do it. If I can you can. just think of the nasty things they do to your lungs and think of them as a dirty ash tray. I remember that smell even now and the awful taste first thing in the morning. Keep strong.

Yes when I smell my sons its just horrible.I do say if ive got this far! Iam very determined.Just pray they dont call to much? Thanks :) Janexx

Oh! Please don't stop them coming. You need them. Just warn them that you could get a lot worse if anyone smokes around you. I have two sons that smoke but they wouldn't think of smoking around us. I am what you call a nightmare X smoker and am always telling them to stop. It is like water off a ducks back. I only said to one of them today who is overweight that I never met my Grandmother as she died at the age of 52. I think that worried him for all of two minutes. Take care and stay strong.

haha sorry Marvary not my boys the calling of the ciggies hoping they dont call often.when my boys are here they dont smoke around me but of course they still smell very strong of smoke.Yes Im strong/!?! lol Janexx

Typical of me. I very often misunderstand things. Good for you! Keep it up and remember about the ash tray if you ever do feel tempted and I am sure you will. Stay strong.

Long lungs - I think your poem is trully inspired, it comes from your soul. I loved it and every word hit the button.

So pleased you stopped smoking - doesn't it feel so good!!.

Very best regards Adrian

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Thank-you so much Adrian kind words indeed,Yes you are right it does feel VERY good.Nice to meet you Adrian hows you have you had your flu jab in prep for these next months that we all so dread?Take care be safe and warm keep smiling.Janexx

Well done LL as I was saying the other day regarding poems, its comes from the heart and soul and dont even need to rhyme. yours a beautiful heart and soul obviously,....

keep all snuggled up and warm, sending you lots of hugs

()()()()()()()()() (-) (-) (-) its the thought that counts, but you know that............Good on yur. Joan x ps I gave up 2 years ago phewwwwwwww yea not easy but you are there now wooooooo hooooooooo you go girl lol

Thank-you so much Joan very kind of you to say that bless your heart.I enjoyed the cakes this afternoon :) Keep well Janexx

hmmmm I did wonder why they was all gone lol x

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