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Has anyone had a change of inhaler to Fosair.

pulmonary nurse today changed my seretide 125, to

brand name....... Fosair =Beclometasone Dipropionate/Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate,.......... since my last copd flare-up about three weeks ago, I have been breathless, more than the norm. and wheezing, I thought meds didnt work and I may have needed more, however I didnt start on my rescue meds, and she said it was a good thing because its my asthma causing this, I do have copd severe so I thought it was that tut, anyone who takes this inhaler please let me know how you get on with it, thanks Joan x

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Sorry to hear you're feeling more breathless since your infection. I wonder if the weather has anything to do with it. My seretide was changed from 125 x2 daily to 250 x2 daily last year it helped a bit.

I was taking 2 puffs in morning and 2 puffs in the evening of the 125 seretide,mabe they will increase it, tell you later Joan x Thanks

Hi Joan, I should have said I was taking 250mg 2 puffs morning and evening making it up that is a 1000mg daily

Fostair?, i've been better since they took me off that and put me on symbicort.


Hi I am fostair and symbocort. I tried fostair for a month and wasnt too sure if it improved my condition or not. so went back to my old inhaler which for the life of me I cant remember what it was(cycloneside?) I am now back on it and there is no difference. but As i am recovering from Pneumonia it may be a wile before I can tell. Seratide always made me cough more so I could not take that. I take 4 puffs twice a day which is the max dose. Years ago I was on pulmicort through the nebuliser which was much better but a much stronger dose so they weened me off it.

the one thing i can honestly say has had the biggest improvement on my breathing is the mucodine? this loosens the phlegm absolutely brilliant. all you can do is try it and see.

Thanks for all your answers,I did wonder why she didnt increase my seretide, didnt think at time to ask her........ because I didnt realise my copd was severe.... she had only just informed me,( but I did ask her what stage was my disease at.) methinks she changed it cos when I researched online it mentions asthma a lot more than copd, but to be fair I would rather ask on here than surf the internet about things I am not to sure about. So in fact now I only have the handihaler think its spirvira, then ventalin to open the closed airways. Joan x

Hello, you could always speak to the BLF Helpline nurse for some independent advice?

Hope you feel better soon x

thank you Polly I wil give the red balloon a ring lol Joan x

change of plan regarding inhaler, gonna chat with doc to change it just waiting for him to ring theres 6 others on his list lol never mind, ...................this one is like having a shot of gin thrown down the back of your throat yuk make me heave, so therefore my lungs are not getting any of the meds, update later, Joan x

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I'm being changed from Seretide to AirFluSal Forspiro. Am worried about what will happen with that. Hopefully it'll be ok. Always messing with our meds aren't they?! lol.

Alot worse had to stop taking after a week. gave me bad heartburn and no sleep for 5 days. Fostair that is.

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