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37 just diagnosed with mild emphysema

hi im kev I have just been diagnosed with mild emphysema I work full time in a quarry (dusty cold hole ) I have been struggling recently feeling lethargic I have allso lost a bit of weight and have finger clubbing are these things typical with mild emphysema ? answers on a post card pls lol

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Good Morning and welcome Kinkykev69, Yes the finger clubbing is typical of copd - my husband has that. The weight loss and lethargy are not so typical is your condition is being managed. Are you using inhalers? Do you wear masks while you are working?

Two things I would advise - to talk to your doctor and check out that a) the copd is being well managed and b) to check out the weight loss and lethargy are not due to something else. Also if you ring the BLF helpline (red balloon in the corner gives the number) they can give you a lot of information about copd - what treatment is available etc. Good Luck TAD xx


My brother has emphysema, and his weight loss was due to his heart working harder to compensate for his lungs.

Hi Kinkykev I lost weight over a period of 12/18 months before being diagnosed. I have now put it back on due to careful eating and 5 small meals a day. Yes I get lethargic. I smoked but also worked for 10/15 years with carbon fibres. welcome. Good luck take care

I also lost a considerable amount of weight and did feel lethargic. However, I have never had any finger clubbing, which again just shows how different we all are. There is no such thing as a "typical" COPD patient!

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im in limbo at mo as I received a letter from hospital saying I had it but waiting for an appointment to go back and see them so no meds or anything as yet im currentyly trying to stop smoking I previously worked with silica and god knows what else for ten years it was so bad at times you couldnt see the other end of the building for dust n diesel fumes

welcome, dont worry,there are members on hear,what have been exposed also,they will be along soon,what work did you do,have you not been refered to a consultant regards your concerns of your work history,bernice

waiting for appointment to see consultant again it just said for possible further tests ? but said that the breathing test and scan results are more or less in keeping with history of current smoking

Hi, docs always blame smoking as cause its in your interest to make sure thay don't

Finger clubbing is later part of chronic or occupational lung disease ... also if a heavy drinker etc so a would not worry about finger clubbing as its not really indication of severity of illness.

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Welcome Kev though sorry you have health issues. Clubbed fingers is common in all lung disease but not all folks with lung disease will have clubbed fingers. You could see your GP - they will have your results and letter from hospital and may be able to give you some idea when you will be seen again or may decide to expedite appointment.

You already know about the ciggies. You really need to be away from that cold dusty quarry (easier said than done but I hope it is possible).

Good luck to you and I hope after your next visit to cons and get on the right meds you feel better.

love cx

Hello kev and welcome to the party.

You'll get great advice here from the helpline and members but we do have a laugh and try to support each other, glad you found us.

Kim xxxxxx

Hi Kev, glad you found us you'll get lots of support here. I think you know what you must do, abandon the ciggies, wear a mask whilst working and chase up your doctor for referral a.s.a.p. to a consultant, preferably a specialist in lung conditions, and contact BLF for more help. Good luck and take care. Lizzie.

just looking at the letter again it say there is a tiny area of scarring at the top of the right lung apex as well as the emphysema does pneumonia cause scarring as I had that about 15 yrs ago ??????

In short yes have you had ct scan yet or xrays done .. My advice would be to take pic of your xray can ask lung doc or do it sneky

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had xray and scan done

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Have u seen xray or scan pics

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Hello kinkykev a warm welcome to you, nothing I can add except to say there is so much support,info,bags of invaluable experience and much laughter gotta keep smiling. :) Stop those fags asap ,See you soon. Janexx

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Hi Kev welcome to the site if you don't mind me saying you need to get out of that coal hole life is to short put your health first i'm sure you can do something to help your condition I go swimming good luck

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Hi Kev, have you had a meeting with your employer, they must get you to occupational health, they have a duty of care to get you help you need during your working day. This help must include respiratory masks, these should have been given to you and your work mates from the start, but it is more important than ever now, like you I have Emphysema I am a bit older than you, but like you I am working so with help from my employer I hope to keep working for a long time.

all the very best.


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Hi Kevin! Welcome. All the others have given you very sound advice. You have come to the right place to find out anything.

Whats finger clubbing ?

finger clubbing/ drumstick fingers my nails curve over at the end the nails slightly detatch from nail bed nails are shiny and fingers resemble drumsticks google it for a better description


no news from docs or hospital yet so still no clue whats happening on the plus side I visited the nurse for stopping smoking and my weight is back to what its allways been strange that ????

oh and thankyou all for your kind words and advice x

my finger nails are curling and been told its mild emphysema ???

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