NHS GP penny pinching

NHS GP penny pinching

Is it any wonder this years influenza as been bad this year.

More issues for those with lung conditions to worry about GP's and those in goverment in there wisdom have taken cough lictus of the meds thay perscribe FREE to those on low or no income.

Like really who thought that one must like perscribing antibiotics ... well if your lucky

Anyway here is intresting link on what GP's really think of there patiants


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  • My gob is well and truly smacked!

    "Finally, one GP .... said that when he is pressurized into prescribing an antibiotic he gives erythromycin and does not warn the patient not to take it on an empty stomach [which causes pain].

    “If I wanted to be nasty to somebody.......I think people.... could theoretically call me unethical but I do not think I am....” "

  • Agree defo need raining in ad to much of there own way for far to long

  • totally in agreement there,

  • 1999 was a long time ago!

  • Yes, a shame attitudes have not changed.

  • I heard part of Ann Clwyd's speech in Parliament yesterday

  • Yes did us prod :)

  • There are sympathetic doctor out there. I know because I have one, bless him, but appreciate that there are some supercilious *******s. They make me angry and I let them know t.

  • Thats not like you annieseed your usally calm thinker i.e less prone to get worked up

    Hope you is all well cheers all the best

  • Yes, I like to keep serenity on the go, but not very tolerant w here vulnerable patients are concerned. Some the things, I read about what can happen in modern hospitals, and staff, I do not understand.

  • Was a time when caring was part of nurses training .. But i think its not thay dont care think its more to busy and going threw the process when i have been hospital have meet very nice doctors nurses .. Its just these so called GP's letting the side down ..

    Gov needs to get a grip of these GPs i could buy my self fake docs of ebay and sit 30 min test then am UK Gp how mad is that

  • Hard to understand that people can get fake documents. It would not be long before they would get caught, but always some nutta to have a go.

  • Ye i wrote to my MP and he said there is nothing than can do if thay have come from europe .. But i do my bit when ever i go for atos assessment take pic of his qualafacations tell them and going to phone them :)

  • I expect you have heard of PALS, patients' advsory liaison service or something like that. I had poor treatment in South Africa, 14 years ago resulting in pneumonia on my return to the UK, years ago.. Things haven't been right since. Blamed a buggy lady on the plane.

  • Wow! Makes you think doesn't it.

  • With flibberti, I agree they are not really good. The only good out of it is if you go to sleep and start coughing for ever, not being able to cough up, perhaps something like Pholcodine which contains codeine, just to help you sleep. Otherwise, try Active Breathing Cycle Technique to cough up as gently as you can before sleeping - and during the day.

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