rushed into hospital a week ago severe breathing problems paramedics and A & E were fantastic as was my time on the respiratory ward at new cross hospital nebs steroids and large doses of antibiotics intravenously put me back on an even keel, preliminary diagnosis of C O P D and sleep apnoea. Seeing my own doctor tomorrow (Tuesday) about getting salbutamol for my nebuliser as well as inhaler plus I, am quite concerned about a numb pinkie little toe and blood sugar levels.

Feeling much better now and looking forward to follow up appointments in out patients.

I am a carer for my wife who has Alzheimer's and I put her care before my own health which resulted in my hospitalisation even as I was gasping for breath my main concern was for Barbara's care . I now realise that its like the air stewardesses say put on you own oxygen before helping others and my trying to keep Barbara out of respite or care merely makes that possibility happen faster and permanently if I'm not around.


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  • Sorry you have been so poorly but glad you were looked after so well. You do have to take care of yourself first and foremost or you won't be able to take care of Barbara. Take special care now. M xx

  • thank you for your kind words xx S

  • Sorry you have been poorly, hondabike, and hope you are better now. You have a lot to think about with your wife's illness. All the best from Annieseed

  • Take care hondabike3, sorry you have not been well. Please make sure you stay in the next few days and keep well. Berwick

  • Oh that's quite an ordeal, glad that you received such good care. Good idea about salbutamol for the neb. - my husband has the same. Take good care of yourself. TAD xx

  • Take care hondabike3, you must put your own health first, then you will be able to take care of your Barbara and hopefully avoid emergency situations in the future. Its good you have something in place for Barbara's care when you are being cared for yourself.

    Best wishes BC

  • Hi Hondabike 3 sorry to hear you have been so poorly nice to know you are on the mend take care lol xx

  • Sorry you've been so ill, great your feeling much better now. But your right you need to take better care of yourself, so you can look after your wife if I've learnt anything it's don't be proud take all the help you can get. My neighbours are brilliant putting rubbish out popping in to do bits I never imagined in a million years they even cared, but they do.

    Kim xxxx

  • thank you for your kind words and yes help is there if you ask for it too stubborn and proud by half sometimes

  • Sorry to hear of your illness but pleased you are getting sorted now. x

  • I do hope you feel a bit better ,yes the staff are amazing I know,poor you and having to care for your wife,you have to get Better to care for her,I know I look after my mum,there are hinges I cannot do for her, my health first,or nones we'll.I hope thing go better for you,....MORE. Reason we need decent inhalers ...Before the cost!!!,!!!

  • Hi S

    So sorry to hear you have had a rough ride but pleased you are now on an even keel. Your kindness, sincerity and love for your dear wife come across in bucket loads but sweet please don't forget, as your friends above have said, you have to care for your own health too for both your sakes.

    Love to you both.


  • You take care Hondabike and get well soon. Glad you have had the help you needed and hope that your lovely Barbara will be well cared for too. Life can be so hard sometimes but hopefully you are on the up now. Good luck to you and take care. xxxx

  • sorry you've been so poorly but thank goodness you're on the mend. Take it easy and get well soon hondabike.

  • Take big care hondabike. Top marks to the NHS again.

    I used to live on Deptford Broadway, New cross many moons ago.


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