In need of some advice, again!!

This afternoon I had my Sunday nap like always, I woke up coughing, loads of crap rattling in my airways, but then I started coughing and gagging on loads of green gunk, for around 15 minutes I was retching and bringing all this muck up, so bad that I puked up the contents of my stomach too, it's the worst session I have experienced so far, I need to know is this normal? I have some amoxicillin, should I take them? I got really distressed and upset, is this how it's always going to be? :-(

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  • aw sorry for the time uve had,dont worry is the 1st thing you dont need,have you been a an e,if its green i would take them ,but cant you call out of hours dc up for advice 1st,others will be along soon to advice ,keep warm yeh,dont worry,hows ur breathing,and no its not always like this blve me,u will get through this,drink loads of water to thin it out,stay calm,bernice

  • if you have pain or discomfort dont wait, ring for an ambulance,be safe eh,bernice

  • if its green mucus then u have an infection and prob need antibiotics

  • That sounds very scary. My advise would be to ring the doctor on the morning and get an appointment. If the sputum is green it is likely you have an infection - my husband was told to start his at home antibiotics if two of the following were worse:

    More coughing

    More breathless and /or

    Change in colour of sputum

    I wonder if you were napping in a chair or laid down - my husband always wakes up coughing if he lies down to sleep.

    If you are worried tonight please ring out of hours doctor or 111 or 999 if you need help.

    Take care and hope you are feeling better by now. With love TAD xx

    Ps it might be worth a phone call to the blf helpline Tom xx

  • Hi Tadaw, thank you for your reply, yes I was lying down asleep, I've had this happen before, but never as severe as this time, I'm going to ring my doctor in the morning and also the BLF people, I'm not sure about taking the antibiotics, but it can't hurt can it so I'm going to get started on them tonight, I don't feel too bad at the moment, it was just very scary and so awful, my doctor has sent a referral off to the hospital now, but who knows how long I'll have to wait, if I could just get myself in a place that I can cope with it, I'd feel better xxx

  • i have in occasions been sleeping and get wakened with the mucus choking me and ending up in my lungs and me going into a coughing fit , feels like suffocation and drowning @ the same time a frightening experience only happens when im on my back sleeping so i try to sleep on my side @ nights

  • hi as you start to wake up in the mornings and move the muck in your airways moves which causes you to cough. it is good that you have brought all this up now and may be you will feel a little better afterwards. I know it is frightening but stay calm and concentrate on your breathing if after a few minutes. your breathing is not getting back to normal then it is an emergency jobby better to get them out and deal with you at home than to suffer and make the condition worse as others have said it sounds like you need antibiotics. Take care stay calm

  • You take care KOTC

  • You poor thing Lucyannie, it sounds awful. As others say, see your doc tomorrow, it does sound like an infection. Have you got some sputum pots? If so take a sample in with you, if not you must ask the GP to send off a sample. It will need to be tested to make sure amoxicillin is the correct antiB - it would never touch my bugs but then we're all different.

    Let's us know what the doc says. Take care of your self. Peeg

  • Hi Lucyanne, That would be very frightening, I get a lot of coloured mucus when I have a really bad infection, so start with my antibiotics and steroids, Like Pegg says take a sputum sample to your GP to get the right meds for your infection, Do hope you start to feel better soon. X

  • it sounds like an infection lucyannie. don't hesitate to contact your Gp or go to hospital.

    Sometimes, in the morning, I can cough up and this seems to trigger the retching too. Advice from an expert is the idea here, lucy. Better be safe and get it.

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