stoped cigs on Monday landed in hospital on Friday unstable angina plus lung infection was given intraveanus drugs to clear infection.was feeling a little better Saturday morning I was given clarithromycin 500mg &co amoxiclav 500/125mg.when in hospital my sats were not too great my last sats test were not good so nurse put me on oxygen then tested my sats again were 89.surly she was in the wrong to do that as I was discharged home now back home my breathing is terrible.does anybody think I should be on supplement oxygen

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I'm not sure, why don't you check with your gp. I know when I came out of hospital when I had a bad chest infection my breathing was terrible for a few weeks. Earlier this year I had a C/I again my breathing has not been right since. Best check it out. Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes when people give up smoking it can affect the lungs, I think it has something to do with the lungs being cleared out.

I am on oxygen 24 x 7< i believe the rule of thumb is if your sats fall below 90% then according to my consultants and respiratory nurse therefore you should be on oxygen.However like me you have unstable Angina and whilst that remains unstable you are going to be breathless anyway until it corrects it'self. Hope this helps Get yourself to see you GP and get you refered to your respiratory or oxygen assessment Nurse. Best of luck.Berwick

Why not ring the BLF help number. 89 on oxygen doesnt sound too good. However they do need to be convinced you don't smoke before they would provide home oxygen so it might be that you haven't been off the ciggies for long enough. But I could be wrong. M

I can't answer this one teaky, sorry. Take care. Congratulations on the smoking. Please don't start again.I always ring my Doctors out of hours number and speak to them. If they feel I need to see them I can go to the local Hospital where they have an Office.

If you are still having problems and as it is Sunday why not ring 111 and see what they suggest. best wishes

Sorry we must have been typing at same time.

Don't take any chances ring out of hours GP or ring 111 they will decide if you need to go back to hospital, they were brilliant when I rang they took details then rang me back.

It's horrible when you feel so rubbish and it's the weekend.

Good luck

Kim xxxxxxx

Hi Teaky19 I must say all sounds a concern I have to agree with everybody else,get some advice from a pro. Janexx

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