Just a little day dreaming I had tonight

Hurry up Jane your gonna miss yer flight

Running and running to gate thirty-eight :)

I wont be late this is my dream my fate

Parked at the top plane engines now roaring

We speed down the runway and we're up now and soaring

Blue skies and cotton wool clouds

Gone are the fields that have just been ploughed

Bailey's with ice and a large scotch and coke

I'm so happy i'm here with my good looking bloke :)

"Fasten your seatbelts we're about to land"

'Yep'! Jason just smiles and squeezes my hand :)

Fourteen days and fourteen nights, hang on Jane enjoy the sites!

Delhi belly and mosquito bites

Is what we wake too such an ugly site

Pills and lotions rubbed in and swallowed

Its off for brekkie our waiter we followed

Now all settled lazing by the pool

Basted like turkeys,now we're looking cool

Then the daydream was over and all i could hear



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  • Brilliant imagination, Jane, Congrats. Loved it.

  • Haha thats what my teachers used to say annie thanx. :) Jane

  • What a dream, quite pleasant till you woke up, Costs less too. X

  • Exactly Junespoon I'm a very well travelled person have visited so many places haha.thanx :) Janexx

  • What flight are you on Jane!!!!


  • Haha are you thinking im a bit barmy army,and their going to take me away haha?Correct :) Janexx

  • Thank-you Stitch all good fun eh! :) Janexx

  • Loved it Jane. Very well done.

    Bobby xxx

  • Hello Bobby bless you do love to dream !Thankyou so much . Janexx

  • Wow better than some of the poems I learnt at school. You are talented.

  • good eh,

  • Hi bernice cheers hun.Hows you doing?Janexx

  • am good, ll you clocked glasgojohns poems there all good,,read them,xxbernice

  • Have I oh yes !they are brilliant thats true talent and Poemsgalore,both are in a different league! Janexx

  • arnt they just,bernicexx

  • Hi Suzy6 kind praise indeed thankyou. I'm a bit basic but its fun.Janexx

  • Very very good Jane, keep daydreaming, and keep us smiling, lol june

  • Hello June hows you doing? Haha thankyou so much good to smile eh! :) Janexx

  • I enjoyed that trip Jane. M

  • Hello Mocarey how good is that thank-you.I hope your 5* hospital trip goes well this week.Take care now. :) Janexx

  • Thank you Jane. How nice of you to remember. xx Maureen

  • Wouldn't it be nice to fly away and forget all our troubles. Somewhere hot and sunny. Watching the sparkling sea. No rain, cold or wind. It's nice to dream. Nice poem. Well done! x

  • I think it helps well it does me haha.Yes i'd like to be going to sunnier climes mmmm sounds good.Thank-you Mavary. Janexx

  • It may become reality tonight .....look out your lift off!

  • Haha many a true word said in jest especially argos's green plastic ones.Im a trifle concerned re my shed coz although quite a large one,and is rammed to the brim,the door wont close coz of a break in i had?? :( I think tomorrow will make for interesting reading in more ways than one. Janexx

  • Loved it, Jane. x

  • Thank-you Toci all good fun eh.Janexx

  • Fasten your seat belt, Jane. It's coming!

    By the way, I saw a programme with Rick Stein in India. They eat curry for breakfast, forget about the cornflakes!

  • i have egg curry for breakfast.,with chapiti nice,

  • Tell me bernice i remember you mentioning it before please remind me? Janexx

  • aw got ur taste buds goin,,u get deep pan fryin pan,pay attention now,my finger hurts lol,ad nob butter,ad 2 pieces garlik,ad 2 green chillis,ad pinch chilli powder,tiny pinch,onion as we use them,stir it slowly low gas,tiny water so u dont burn it while onions are cookin,now wen its gone the water tiny now,ad ur eggs,and stir them liked there bined ,serve it,either bread,rolls, or pitta,toast,or chapitti,no salt we cant have that,any.way salts in most stuff,wen its done,remember we share,pass me some thanks,hun lol,u want any more recipes i will give them u,bernicexx

  • im a luver of indian food . could live of it but it neva seems to taste how it should

  • see i am nice arnt i,coriander ad that wen its done,just few sprinkes ,lolbernicexx

  • Haha you are a very nice person bernice you make me smile and that alone can be rare these days,I like your kind and understanding thought you have for people,Ialso like you saying it as it is.Anything else to add to the recipe which might be integral apart from the coriander which I love????lol Do you feel sufficiently stroked now bernice my good friend hahaha! :) Janexx

  • i no ur getin out of sharin the food again im wise to u,1 thought dont burn it,i am arnt i,nice hahahaxx bernice

  • Hahaha I would happily share all my food,except chocolate you have to have your own bar sorry ,if i didnt have enough for everyone i would go without until you'd gone! lol Janexx

  • hahaha i dont like choc hahaha nor sweets,haha,lolbernice

  • Hahaha thats bloody handy then haha mmmm :) Janexx

  • ur bloudy greenhouse comes my way,kiss it bye bye,see im nice again arnt i,and dont need choc for that,so watch ur rear end doesnt melt it,oh i can see it now,hahaha,bernice

  • Haha doesnt get time to melt !! my rear is just bootiful Lol :) Janexx

  • that i blve oink hahaha bernicexx

  • Right back at ya kiddo.haha Janexx

  • thank u for being a nice friend,ur of the xmas card list hahahabernice

  • I'm in bits! hahaha Janexx

  • u will be if you dont get any xmas cards,lol,hahaxxbernice

  • ll i never eat cakes sweets or choc,ever dont like them have no sugar either,but ive got teeth hahahalol,just nuts,

  • Really haha I got my teeth !what you like nuts or you is nuts ??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha Janexx

  • im nuts 6 days a week,1 day of,thats wen i have other nuts,got u thinkin now girl,got myself as well hahahabernicexxx

  • You is nutty as a fruit cake me lady! Enjoy your evening.Nightnight bernice :) Janexx

  • night kid,all good in the hood,sleep good eh,bernicexxx

  • Sorry to be thick are the eggs raw when you add them?Iwill be trying this when i get some chillies and garlic. thanks bernice :) Janexx

  • listen up girlll,yes eggs are raw lol u crack the eggs and the insides go in,er any shells dont pass to me,glad ur on the ball lol,wats ur thinkin,throw the eggs in in shells,haha all good ll,bernicexxgod save us ha

  • Hahahaha I thought why I dont know that they might have been hard boiled first lol I got it now Nigella :)Janexx

  • i no ur secret,am on the wagon,this week on pain relief,lol

  • Pain relief?? For your puter tappie finger :) ?seriously?? lol Janexx

  • hahaha no back pain,

  • Sorry to hear that,miserable pain bernice i get in neck where my bones have gone curly and then the base of back not nice at all you take it easy eh. Janexx

  • work at 10pm,thanks ll i will bernicexx

  • Its nearly here your right the wind is already practicing!I do like Indian food alot, I also like

    variety though.I love most food.:) Janexx

  • When I am in the mood, food is my best friend! Sometimes, I don't feel like anything. I'm on rice pudding diet!

  • I get that,My mun used to make a lovely creamy rice pudding we would fight for the skin of it ! Some might think im an animal ,sorry peeps.Im not a lover of turkey but like the turkey jelly dripping on hot toast mmm,I can smell my beef in the oven am beginning to salivate at the thought. :) Janexx

  • if only we could all live life in our imagination , life would be so good , just like your poem .very good made me wanna go on holiday till the delhi belly bit lol

  • I enjoyed it too LL. Could just see your greenhouse flying across the other gardens.

    Carrots, I can't eat spicy food :-( my Sjogren's Syndrome makes my mouth very dry and really sore :-(

  • Hi poemsgalore I think there could be a few flying tonight do you know the type im talking about ones from argoose littleDIY plasticy ones one poof of wind and they are off lol.oh poor you no spices eh thats miserable what is your condition if you dont mind me asking? Janexx

  • Sjogrens syndrome. It comes under the umbrella of rheumatic diseases and is an autoimmune condition, sometimes linked with rheumatoid arthritis and sometimes along. It causes very dry eyes, mouth etc. It affects all connective tissue so can affect your digestive system and makes you feel exhausted all the time.

  • Sounds great ,not!Thats rotten for you are there meds that can help that?You've had more than your fare share by the sounds of it what with one thing and another.Are you cancer free now?You sound like a strong lady poemsgalore! Keep well,warm and breathe easy.Janexx

  • That poem was lovely Jane I really enjoyed it. Cheryl

  • Thank-you Cheryl its all good fun eh,do like a little daydream me haha.Nice to hear from you.Hope your keeping well? :) Janexx

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