~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Duke of Edinburgh inspired DISCOVERY AWARD~~KOTC

.........................................Discovery Award

I was proud this week to be presented with the Duke of Edinburgh inspired Discovery Award , Silver Award

I was presented with my award in the Rufford Suite, County Hall ,Nottingham by the Chairman of the County Council, Councillor John Allin.

There were four quadrants that had to be entered:-

Service in the community:-

Attending local meetings promoting COPD, the furthering of improvement in COPD aftercare, and the future of local healthcare. Taking part in and promoting respiratory research.

Recreational Pursuit :-

My gardening activities.

Journey of Discovery;-

Creation of a booklet of my working life 'My Life With Cocktails'

Hobby and Interest:-

HealthUnlocked BLF website posting daily humour and replying to comments.


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  • Congratulations. well done you.

  • Thank you very much mustcarryon


  • Well done. I would love to meet The Duke Of Edinburgh. Boy can I imagine you two together. Congratulations.

  • He can tell a joke or two Suzy6

  • I bet. Hope you had an interesting and entertaining evening.

  • It was super

  • So glad. Another memory stored up, Well done.

  • That's brilliant news KOTC. You've earned it though.

  • Thank you poemsgalore

  • A man of many talents, King Did you not get another award, a little while ago. I want to see your garden!!

  • Pam Clipsham Award for voluntary work

  • Very well done KOTC, many congratulations, keep up the good work

  • I will try katieoxo60


  • Thank you my loyal subject

  • My turn now to say how proud Iam of you KOTC! An accolade indeedy how do you feel big smiley face? Janexx

  • I feel good, going for gold now, but that takes two years!

  • Well its quite something to achieve that ,so not surprising it takes a while eh?What do you have to do? You clever little thing you. :) Janexx

  • Well done and congratulations KOTC, just remember we aint calling you Sir KOTC . Berwick

  • You do not call a King Sir it is Your Majesty! Off to the tower with you.

  • B.ll..ks..... LOL Berwick

  • Very well done. You deserve it.

  • Thank you for your kind words, they are very much appreciated

  • Wow! where does the motivation come from.would love to have some of it.Very well done.

  • Its great to see all your hard work being rewarded King. You'll have to buy a larger display cabinet soon to fit all those awards in. :)


  • Garden shed !

  • Your entourage bows to you!! SMILEY

  • Your sentiments are truly Royal.

  • well done you are doing us all proud Joyce

  • I enjoyed doing it and I also enjoy the social side when they have meetings although not very often

  • a very well deserved award, I hope you enjoyed the ceremony

  • It was in a room overlooking the River Trent which lent a nice ambiance to the ceremony

  • If the weather is nice that River is nice where you are

  • I take Badger down to Stoke Bardolph by the river most days

  • Many years ago a nice Sunday out for us would be to take our dog and drive to Newark and then we would all wander along the waterside, sadly no dog now, not allowed where we live and we now wander along the seafront most days

  • Great work,good people in life ,thanks.

  • The goals are set to be reached within your limits so anyone over 50 can participate.

  • Well done. An inspiration to all.


  • That is kind of you Judith. My sister was called Judith,she hated being called Judy

  • My family call me Judy but to everyone else I'm Judith.

  • congratulations...you deserve it ...and thank you for all that you do for us.

  • I think I am off to Ollerton in November

  • You were the first to welcome me to this site for which I am very grateful and your reward is well earned and a light to us all, very very well done KOTC x

  • And I am very pleased the you have stayed with us all and participate

  • Congratualtions KOTC, it's very much deserved. xxx

  • It all helps to keep me going as they say

  • Oh WOW!!! Reflected glory (I love it). A 'friend' of mine on the same blog as me has got a Duke of Edinburgh award. Brilliant. Well earned and thoroughly deserved. Are you allowed to park at the Palace when you go up to London as a perk?

  • I think there will be a chauffeur !!!!

  • What's more, you have now proved you are a proper educated KOTC. You can spell chauffeur.

  • Well, if Prince Charles doesn't want the job............................

  • Watch this space!!

  • Many congratulations, Your majesty. A fitting tribute. x

  • Thank you my most honourable subject

  • Excellent, excellent work. So pleased that you have received recognition for all that you do. Well deserved! x

  • The Icing on the cake!

  • You deserve it King you make many people laugh. you also very serious side which helps many people.


  • Thank you. This site has given a lot to me and helps me keep my feet on the ground.You are all a lovely bunch of friends to me.

  • You and your family must be so proud of you, what you have achieved, I am proud to say that I am a friend of yours, .Heather.X

  • Very kind words Heather The support me in everything I do

  • Congratulations. I thought it was one of your jokes when I first started reading your post. The funny lines didn't come. You should be very proud of yourself you have done more than I ever could.

  • It was something that I could achieve within my means.Thatis whatis good about the Discovery Award

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