SALUS ATOS , PIP COPD medical any advice please

Hi i recently applied for DLA now PIP for COPD and have been told to attend a medical @ "salus" in glasgow , I am petrified to go and wondered if anyone has had any dealings with Salus and if so could they give me any advice please , i noticed that salus has been hired by atos so they can "hide" behind them , are they as bad as atos or are the sympathetic and take things at face value,

thanx for any replys


im looking for info on salus from anywhere not just glasgow


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  • HI John, Welcome I have not heard of them and i got my DLA just a few months ago, I'm sure someone here has heard of them and will get back to you. I have just checked online there is nothing under salus anywhere Good Luck Mattcass

  • hi and thanx for reply matt, i found this link but not much info on them here


    glad you got your DLA m8 ,but i heard that PIP is much harder to get and atos, salus harder to convince

  • Hi John The main thing now is now you don't have any good days only bad days, you will probably find out some of their dirty tricks that they use from others. Matt

  • There seems to be a lot in the news about them. Salus will still be using heavily criticised assessment procedures dictated by the DWP.

    Kennedy said: “Clearly there will be times patients will not agree with assessments but I guarantee the process will be transparent.”

    Not-for-profit Salus were set up in 1996, providing occupational health and return-to-work services across the public and private sectors. With an annual turnover of £10million, they return a surplus of £1 million a year to the NHS.

    that is just a tiny bit, seems it's going to be exactly the same as Atos assessments.

  • thanx ann , i thought that as they were nhs they might have been impartial ?

  • it seems they may be just as bad if not worse than atos.

  • thanx ann , does anyone know what type of questions that are asked , so i might prepare myself properly for the meeting ?

  • look on member dazisnotsogood,postings,good advice

  • PIP points system . . .

  • thanx al have a reead and get back to yous

  • Hi the best advice has already been given by stilltruckin read mark learn and inwardly digest and remember you tell them what you are like on a bad day !! take care

  • hi sorry but whos mark ?..... read mark ?

  • ha,mark means u read it ,write it out on paper,then u remember it,then u have it in memory,on paper,hope it gos for u,

  • About PIP face-to-face assessments . . .

  • gonna have a read thanx

  • I also suffer from severe depression , will this be taken into account at the medical for dla , or is that separate from the copd dla ,will i be judged on that for DLA , thanx

  • if you have evidence dated before claim and sent it in 4 weeks before you should have it in your favour but take it with you and ask them to copy it

  • ha, i think it is taken into account,you need some 1 with you outside to help u,ur not safe on ur own,ave u meds for depresion,u can not undress urself,u can not dress urself,u cant put a meal together,u have help with cleanin shopin cookin,washin ironin,u need assistance for bathin,take some1 with u,sit if you like,but get up slowly an wobble if u like,do not pick nothin up even if its a 50 note,tricks uno,look at them like there aliens u no,there from the planet of,u are not ill,so have a vacant look on ur face and keep it vacant,dont go tidy ,speak slowly,,and just stare at them,watch for cameras near the buildin entrance an inside,so start from leavin home,hope u you pass,bernice

  • Brilliant advice!

  • well ther u go,do wat i adviced,hope it gos ok,,

  • am i better starting a new thread in the depression section for some Q and A, info on that re. medical ?

  • up 2 u, but advice i give take it,

  • I will take and follow your advice and any one else,s thanx

  • yes i 2nd that,

  • what scale are u out of 10 in depression,ur not a lost cause,see u give up,no fight it,

  • u wont get any,,but i no wat im talkin about,and i feel for u,u want to pm me i will try to get u out from the tunnel,talk to us let it all out,come on start from wen u was young,or pm me,my word is my pledge,come on eh,we are hear for u,,eh,no one judges no one hear,come on ,open up u have started now ,let it out,,

  • Hi John, Ive been there done that in the last 9 months I locked myself away from the ones I loved tried to hide what was happening, But this page brought me back to normality believe me. I'm just unlucky i have Positive RA and Advanced IPF in my case the Rheumatoid Arthritis has been the aggressor, the last four weeks it's been horrendous for me, And I started back to work 4 weeks ago and I get up at 4am with the help of Fran and only determination keeps me going and the Steroids have kept me going,And until someone tells me different the steroids will do for me, And If you stay on this page you will get all the help and support to get you through this. Matt

  • hi matt sorry to hear about your illnesses , and hears me worrying !!! nice to meet you

  • Hi John I'm only in Bathgate me and Fran are in Glasgow a lot at the football when i can get there.

  • and what football would that be ?

  • Hi John, They play at Parkhead.Matt

  • a man of god taste i see. ive went for years , but not now

  • I really feel you need some professional info on steroids and arthritis .before you do any damage ,health first,study what you can,best for you,winter is tough.

  • Hi Artist23 Thank You.i will seek advice and the worse scenario that I can expect staying on 20mgs Steroids daily. Matt

  • im always @ the docs stitch , but it becomes tireing as his medication dont seem to work or i have bad side effects and cant take them , as for CAB they barred me for missing an appointment , was ill couldnt mae it and didnt phone as i was in my bed

  • I have heard of the dirty tricks at Manchester and others. People near assessment asking directions if you are seen directing them it shows you are cognitive. Lift filed with boxes so you have to use the stairs ( (Mobility) get them to empty it) a coin glued to the floor (shows flexibility) I was asked but it was more of an order to squat I told him I can not but he insisted I try. I have now found out he had no right to do that. All of my medical facts and information given on the day were ignored and had to go to appeal and won. They are allowed to use filmed evidence of your entry exit to decide your case. Call the BLF helpline they have loads of info to help.


  • hi offcut

    i really think these ppl should be reported to he medical board by everyone who has a bad or bullied examination , after all if u get ur case overturned @ appeal then to me it shows incompetence in the 1st instance and each complaint SHOULD be investigated

  • These so called health professionals only have 3 weeks training and are instructed in a box ticking exercise that is not designed for people with disabilities but I understand from a company in the USA that has been banned from many states because of similar problems. ATOS prime work is in the IT arena. I have also been in this area and I know that a spreadsheet can be very useful for analysing figures but can not cure or fully understand disabilities. Figures can be made to give what ever result you want. IE: 90%

    fat free they never say 10% fat 0% Nutrition

    BTW the judge did say at my appeal to make sure I have a phone by me at all times when my wife is working part time just in case. This is why the NHS should be doing these assessments and the government should give them the £100's of millions to them.

  • it ahs a smell of unqualified ppl trying to do a qualified doctors work , just like they are going to do with the schools

  • years ago in the 70,s my father co founded what was called the "claimants union" this is a short video if interested ,

  • I'm level 4 COPD and I have been turned down for DLA I applied before PIP but I think if ATOS are behind this company then God help us

  • how did u find out what level u were on ie level 4 , i dont know hwat level im on and i have a nebuliser

  • when was last time you had a spimetry test done .that tells you ur lung function,reading,bernice

  • I go to the nurse every year for breathing tests February 13 I was level 3 lung capacity of a 72 year old but then I got the flu and my breathing got a lot worse so I saw the nurse again in August which came out at level 4. This reading is put on your notes I asked for a copy and sent it to DLA but still did not get it

  • i visit the nurse every year but she has never gave me any breathing tests just asks how im doing , but i have been sent for spirometery test a couple of times but no one gives me any levels

  • if u want to no,u ask wat is your lung function read out after spimetry test,sum ppl dont want to no,sum do,if you do u ask ,for it,bernice

  • spirometer is the same as breathing test you should have them every year just ask the nurse

  • go bac to gp and demand ur copy thats ur rite, have to give u it,sometime only giv it on request,u request it,

  • got it done about 3 months ago by a lung specialist @ hospital ,he sent me letter sayin not to be concerned but he nor the doc never tell me any levels

  • Hi, I applied for PIP and got it first time, I was amazed as I was ready to appeal if necessary. I was assessed by ATOS. I have severe COPD. Applied for DLA a year before but was turned down for it so wasn't expecting to get it without a fight. I was asked about my daily routine so I told them about bad days and the effects they have on me, i.e. being housebound and feeling isolated some times, thus leading to being more depressed, etc. also told them how I accessed help from friends and family to get housework and things done, how I can only go out with a lot of planning and help from car drivers, (mainly my daughter). Tried to do the things they asked i.e. stand and raise my legs one at a time, which I managed with a wobble but was so out of breath afterwards she could see I was genuine and had not given up on myself, myself, my lungs, were giving up on me. I found the forms a lot easier than the DLA ones, not so much to fill in and told her I hope they DO get my medical records to help with the assessment. I hope this is of some help, try not to worry but if they do refuse you move straight on to appeal, you are entitled!!! Good luck Lin x

  • ur post is reassuring ,but i always feel at these kind of examinations that i am being perceived as a fraud and they are out to get me no matter what , on a good day i may feel my breathing better , what if im on a good day when they ask me to lift my legs ? and i dont tire as easy that day and i worry to the extent that it makes me physically ill

  • I have never been to see a specialist but if he told you he was not concerned this sound very good

  • ye thats what i thought but then i asked why he thought i needed a nebuliser , i thought that needing 1 and told not to be concerned kinda contradicts things

  • Hi John, How are you today, Well it looks like you are getting all the help and advice that you need when is your interview with the dreaded Salos/Atos, Your fathers poems are excellent it would be in memory to him to get them printed. Matt

  • hi matt hows u feelin 2day ?

    my appointment is for thurs 31st oct but i think im going to cancel and make new one, and maybe do a bit more research on the way they Q and A ppl ,, maybe take acting classes b4 i go lol ,

    thanx for the comments on the poetry think i will !

  • Hi John Why don't you try for a home visit let them know you are not comfortable with going out you get panic attacks or similar, Go For It John

  • agree,

  • Hi there from the responses you have had there has been much speculation and little evidence no one has said they have had direct experience of this service so you need to keep an open mind. Be prepared look at the online forms to see the scoring and the type of questions you are likely to be asked and then think of your worst case senario and that would be your answer. If you do not believe you can prepare in time then postone. right your answers down and take someone with you who can help. Stay calm and don't get flustered if you need time to think about how you answer then tell them. if you find it really stressful tell them. dont let them bully you. they are human beings after all. and if all else fails just think of them sat in there underware they won't seem so intimidating then. Good luck with your application Irenex

  • this was posted by stilltruckin

    is this the guideline for the quest. i will be asked @ the medical


  • if still trukin done it john she is usually rite as is blakey c,dazisnotsogood,toci,

  • thanx

  • Had my pip examination in august I collapsed at the appointment and they got a doc to see me to allow the examination to go on the doc from salas was the one to get external doc and I was given 2nebs they checked my peak flow it was130 however I am still awaiting result of claim make sure you stay calm as I get very depressed waiting was told result in 2/4 weeks now dwp say it needs to go through caseworker then they decide wheather to pay or not so they are making life as hard as they can now

  • Im up for 'selection' later today and feeling rather dark about it all. Train platform....a finger left or right from some arrogant sadist and your lifes changed forever!

    My worry is that I have opted for that 'other option' once or twice and this business fuels the exact thoughtline I have when Ive been thinking wrongly. Arthritis and COPD, so you guys get the picture, almost sixty and I get the feeling I just cant be bothered with the chaos, the drama and some muppet stripping the last vestiges of any self respect I may be clinging to.

    Ce'la Vie...

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