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Morning everyone. Thank you do much for your kind words and advice. It has helped me a lot. I called my Dr yesterday and said you gave me a diagnosis and a prescription but nothing else and that's not good enough! I used to work for NHS so quoted NICE. Am now going to see copd nurse and will insist on rehab. Doc says im not ill enough yet!! Anyway, after yesterdays shock this old bird (well not that old, 48 but my daughter is pushing 30!!) Is going to fight. Its great to know you are all here and i will be there for you too. KAY XXXX

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  • Good for you Kay. You are a youngen.

  • The whole idea of PR is education. It should never be not offered because your not "ill" enough. A good pulmonary nurse is worth their weight in gold. At the end of the day you know your body better than anyone so stick to your guns.... :).

  • Good for you Kay, PR is really good for all levels of COPD so your GP needs to retrain!

  • Good for you Kay hopefully things will improve for you now including your relationship with your doc.Janexx

  • Well done Kate. Berwick xxx

  • Good for you Kay, hopefully things will get easier now you are getting the right support.


  • Good on ya Kay. :-)


  • All the best, Kay love Annie x

  • Hi Kay, Well done you sound like a fighter which is a great asset to have. Matt

  • Hello Kay, well done to you, more power to you............. wooooooo hoooooo lol

    I did find that after speaking to the kind folks on here, that I actually felt empowered, I live alone and this forum has done wonders for me, feesl like I been here for years lol its only been about tree weeks, lol luvley jubley,

    Joan x

  • Power to your elbow Kay. Well done you.


    Your daily tonic

  • Well done Kay,

    I'm 41 and not ready to be written off yet either (I don't have COPD but a combo of lung and heart stuff). I am just coming to the end of my pulmonary rehab course and was amazed at the speed and capability of many of the other members. The PR team say that they try and catch people early on in diagnosis as the earlier people have intervention (whether that's the physical exercise or the education), the more chance they have of controlling their symptoms and having a better quality of life for longer :-)

    Victoria x

  • Good for you!!! I wish we had taken control earlier my husband was also told he was too well for pr! But the respiratory team did refer him. Take care TAD xx

  • Good for you. I learned to stand up for myself a few years ago when my Mother was ill. Nobody will do it for you so Good on you girl.

  • good for you omg11... i was told the same that i was not ill enough for pr and i was told nothing about COPD just that i had it has never even heard of it and i was even charged 5 pound for a copy of my results

    disgusting i had to educate myself and at first started looking at the wrong sites on my computer thought i had a year to live so was thinking how to end it all.

    thank god for BLF

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