Exercise Joke

At the urging of Harry’s wife and doctor, 50 year old Harry finally made it to the gym. After consulting with one of the trainers, Harry decided to try out a steep treadmill. “Ok”, said the trainer “I’m going to set it for ten minutes, if you want to go longer just press start again.” At first Harry was doing fine but after 5 seconds he started getting tired, and after a minute he jumped off gasping for breath. Walking to the side to sit down, he passed by a friend of his. “Man”, said Harry. “I could barely last a full minute on that treadmill.” “Alright alright”, said his buddy, “no reason to brag!”

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Thanks, mahunamoon, smiley joke.


This sounds like my new friends at the pulmonary rehab. We have a good laugh at our own shortfalls.

yea can just imagine it lol

That was probably me


oh really might have know that lol Joan x

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