Yet another trip to the hospital

Yet another trip to the hospital

Oh lord and so fed up going up and down to Dorchester,,not lungs or rhumy this time,,but day surgery,,have had a small but painful lump in my ear for awhile,,mentioned it to my doc,,next thing trip to face clinic in Dorch, where i was told yes its skin cancer, we,ll have you in and scrape it of,,,so today of i went thinking in out and forget about it,,but no,,consultant and surgeon did a bit of umming and aahing then delivered bombshell that i would lose a good quarter of my ear,,,so hear i am feeling very sorry for myself,,with a big pressure bandage wrapped around my head,,hiding umpteen stitches,,and i,m sure when i start to get the feeling back in my ear it is going to hurt like hell,,( well they said it would),,and am now going to have odd ears,,but truthfully if i had not mentioned it to doc,,the nasty cancer would have slowly spread,,so count myself lucky thats its done and lump now gone,,easy breathing every one,,xx

Picture is looking over Chesil beach,,

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Always something, chrissie. So sorry to hear about your ear. At least, it was caught in time. Wondering if you have long hair which would help to hide it. I wonder if I had the same, how much the appearance would bother me. Would I be inclined to think, I am still me and get on with life. Best love and let us

know how you get on, love Annieseed

Hi Chrissie...just read your post and think you're very brave and have a good attitude. Hope that you're feeling as comfortable as possible, today and during your recovery.

What a beautiful photo you sent wish I could get down that hillside to the beach and breathe in the sea air :)

Thank you for sharing - and all the best for the days ahead ~ Lovelight xx

Hello Chrissie love your picture beautiful.What a day you have had and how well you are dealing with it all.Take my hat off too you much respect.Time for some R&R you most certainly deserve it.Take care of yourself.Janexx

H Chrissie, So glad for you that they caught the C in your ear you have enough on your plate as it is hope it's not to painful later on, You sound very positive and accepting what is happening to you, Good Luck Mattcass

sorry to hear about your trip to hospital, please get pain meds, I agree with all other members have said just want to know we are all here for you, and wow what a beautiful photo, wished I lived near the sea, keep your chin up, others including myself cant do this cos we got double chins he he he lol, Joan x bless yur

Thank you for all your lovely comments,,i am quite light hearted about,, and no they never gave me any pain meds,, but they did give me a tube of Chloramphenicol,,eye ointment,,oh the mind boggles,,have to apply on ear 3 times a day,,maybe i,ll grow a third eye,, :) the road leading down goes towards Abbotsbury swannery in the picture,,me and the dog love walking up there,,get spectacular sunsets xx

So glad they caught and dealt with it for you. Hope it's not too painful. It is a shock to have surgery on your face but you do get used to the scar and it's obviously better than the alternative.

Lovely piccie - thanks for sharing with us Chrissie.

love cx

Oh Chrissie I was so sorry to hear about your ear, my heart sunk when you said they told you it was skin cancer. So glad that you got the treatment early. Hope they gave you some good pain killers to take home with you and lots of lollipops :)

Wishing you fast healing, and lots of bless for your poor ear.

Best wishes BC

PS that view if wonderful. Thank you for sharing. xox

Hi chrissie, sorry it not good for you right now, but it will be better, we are all with you, just call and we will respond. I wish I could give you a big hug, the ugly big c is not nice where or on or how it gets in. It's the biggest thing that touches my heart and my head, so many pos and neg emotions for so many reasons. Just stay STRONG, you sound as if you are strong and positive. Believe that you can do it and you can win. Sorry if I say it wrong no offence meant. Take care honey. Lol june

So pleased you mentioned this to your GP and they all reacted quickly, wishing you a very speedy recovery. Lovely picture, one of my favourite views on the drive to Dorchester every Wednesday to get my fresh veg. Best wishes

Good job you did mention it to the Doctor - not great having odd ears but better than the alternative! Hope you are OK today and the pain is not too bad. Fab picture. TADxx

Hi Chrissie, what horrible news for you but you are on the up now. My brother-in-law has had a lump removed from his face and is doing fine now. Take heart and stay strong. Lovely photo by the way. xxxxxxx

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