Rosehip Syrup

For those who are of the elderberry age, who can remember picking Rosehips, taking them to school and getting you Rose Hip Syrup.?

I can always remember how yummy it was. In todays age they wont let the kids do it because of Elf & Safety and of course children being on their own must be considered in this day and age.

Come to think about the bad old days, with no TV, computers,no cars was not so bad after all. We made our own fun without and real problems .Berwickxx

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  • I loved picking rosehips. My sister and I used to go out together around our home. Lots of our school mates did it and we all kept our 'patches' secret to stop anyone else raiding our supply! I was quite young and don't remember where they were collected (girl guides I think) but we got money for ours - by the weight! Probably a penny a pound.

  • The innocence of another age, eh?

  • I am not at all sure with my childhood memories, that I would want to be young in 2013, but it can then be said that today's youngsters , dont know the difference

  • Ooo.. late sunny autumn days of yesteryear :) Picked rosehips along the banks of the old railway lines, after strict instructions not to eat anything other than a few blackberries. Funny really, we seemed to pick LOADS of rosehips but never quite enough for the school prize.... someone else always managed to pick more.

    These days I prefer to leave any berries for wildlife - guess their needs are greater after all ~ Lovelight xx

  • Oh how true lovelight, I can remember if you burst them open and put the seeds down your pals back he was itching for ages. Now that was making your own fun. I think I must have a little evil streak in me . The joys of our youth. memories are made of this. Berwick x

  • Lol..and the seeded heads of Dock became 'sugar' (cos it felt grainy I think). We'd strip the tips of the stems and throw them in the air like confetti. And other seed heads good for throwing and dodging were grass stems that we called arrows - they were like mini spears, and burrs or sticky buds that stuck brilliantly to our clothes :D x

  • Used to love picking wurtle berries on Exemoor

  • OK KOTC you win what is that? Berwick

  • Similar in shape and size to a blueberry, makes your mouth go dry when you eat one Grows amongst the heather on little bushes.

  • It would be great to go back to those times, especially the 50's. When chicken was the most expensive meat, mutton was cheapest. The drawback is we probably forget the bad rickets, ringworm, scurvy....although I've read scurvy is making a come back.

  • I loved rose hip syrup!! I now prefer picking sloes to go with my gin! ;-)

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