Thank you all you caring Healthunlockeders (Re Hot Bath and Domestos fumes, oops!!)

Thank you all you caring Healthunlockeders  (Re Hot Bath and Domestos fumes, oops!!)

It seems as though a Hot Bath followed by the sniffing Domestos fumes is to be steered well clear of, it does funny things to your brain and heartbeat. I've taken on board all your experiences and advice and will adjust accordingly. I was especially tempted by Sukee 52s advice, stay mucky no bathing and no cleaning, ok no friends but good breathing, Ha Ha :)

When I think back a very hot bath that was only just possible to inch into followed by sniffing domestos fumes was a little stupid, where did my common sense go, my only excuse is I'm only a mere Man so what can you expect!!


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  • I agree with every word - especially the last bit! ;)

    Glad you are okay now. x

  • There is no need for you to agree with Tony's comment Toci.EH

  • I was asking for that one eh' King

  • Sometimes I'm too honest for my own good, Thanks Toci

    Tony xx

  • You know I admire you really. :)

  • Tony lesser mortals wouldn't have survived your experience! M

  • It does pay to be as fit as you can to give yourself a better chance when things go pair shaped.

    I was told in ICU 3 years ago that it was my fitness that pulled me through.

  • We all learn by experience Im sorry yours was so bad but glad your better now.

  • Thanks ss, life is full of experiences, some good and some bad. Thought this one was worth sharing as it may save someone as stupid as me from going through the same ordeal.


  • I can understand the hot bath bit. bliss to me and my years of NHS working back. but sniffing bleach!!! That's a whole new concept. Were you a glue sniffer and thought this would be a good alternative?

    Do you have a death wish. I had a patient who mixed the chemicals to get a stronger germ killer down the loo. Then stuck her head in to get to

    the hidden crevices.

    Her lungs were damaged for life

  • I was only cleaning the grouting around the bathroom tiles, and if you use a bleach the mold doesn't grow back for quite a while. I guess I should have had better ventilation or as next time I'll get someone else to do it.

    All's well now so we'll put it down to stupidity and move on eh'

    Thanks for the warning hannahmac


  • Strip washes from now on?

    Where is the photo it a hill fort ?

    Glad you ok now

  • Hi Knitter, just got back from the doctors and fit to breath classes and all went well, Yes it is a hill fort, its a part of the Malvern hills called the British Camp or Herefordshire Beacon. Since I fell I'll I have managed to get to the top twice but with its steep sides it takes about 3 1/2 hours and a massive effort. I used to run up it in 20 minutes, How times change eh'.

    The good part is, there is a shop that sells ice cream alongside the car park and the Malvern hills hotel is across the road for a pint. :) .


  • Breathe well Tony. xxx

  • Thanks sassy, the breathing went well today at fit to breath, all though the new cardiac 10 minute warm up would test even Mo Farah. Its more than a warm up, its a boil over!!

    It seems as though my lungs have survived there little ordeal. :)

  • Haha thats you told bless.Breathe easy Tony. Janexx

  • I saw my GP this morning and she was happy that it was just a blip so no damage done it seems. She has however refferred me to have a check just to rule out epilepsy and to see if they can find a brain. Ha Ha.

    Thanks Jane

    Tony xx

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